Wealth – Play it Safe

Online “vaults” allow users to store and access important documents anywhere, anytime

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Online “vaults” allow users to store and access important documents anywhere, anytime

One Wild Ride

Money managers shift strategies when the market runs away

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Do investment strategies that came into play when the bubble burst two years ago and “the new normal” of Wall Street emerged still work?

Wealth – Going for the Gold

Why some investors are putting stock in precious metals

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Pundits continue to warn that another major economic shoe will drop, further weakening the dollar’s buying power against major currencies. If that happens, the price of gold will continue its rise.

Doing Well and Doing Good

Those who give often groom their children with philanthropic values and know-how

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Peter Solomon, father of two adult children, steadfastly gives time and money to nonprofit organizations. The president and CEO of Regency Homes instilled this philosophy in his children from an early age. “My kids were born here, grew up here, and came back to work for us after college,” he says. “They were and still are the recipients of the


Where progress is present and meeting the future

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“Indio remains a city on the move with positive present and future growth,” notes Mayor Gene Gilbert. “There are examples of all types showcasing this around the city.”

Cathedral City

Catch the community spirit

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Cathedral City continues to make economic strides through innovative planning and expediting key business and residential development to grow the City.

What Your Money Buys Now

Hint: The real estate market is a gold mine for deals

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With house prices down 30 to 50 percent across the Coachella Valley and in Palm Springs, savvy buyers with hard cash and platinum credit have been snapping up prime properties that were likely beyond their price range four years ago. Calgary car dealer Gary Sartorio and his wife, Barbara, for example, scored a great deal at Mirada in Rancho Mirage.

Wealth – May 2010

Luxury in Another Land. Resort housing deals lie beyond U.S. borders — just be cautious

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Rita Pacheco often travels between La Quinta and her 5,000-square-foot oceanfront home on the Mexican Riviera in Mazatlan. “I go every other month and stay for a month. Between my computer and Skype, I can do business from there,” says Pacheco, who manages vacation properties she owns in the desert. She says her five children thought she had flipped out when she announced she was building a home in Mexico.

Estate Planning for the GLBT Community

It’s even more important than for opposite-sex couples

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More people put more hours into planning a vacation than they ever do planning for their estate,” observes Jim Casey, president and CEO of Integrated Wealth Management, a wealth and investment advisory firm with offices in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Palm Desert.