kelly gray

Fast. Eat. Live.

On this no-guilt, no-failure program, cut weight and feel great without giving up living.

Emily Black Current Digital, Health & Wellness

Kelly Gray, former St. John model and co-owner of Grayse in Palm Desert, says the lifestyle program called Fast. Eat. Live. has been a game-changer for her.

active seniors

Get Up, Stay Up, and Go!

Bodyworks physical therapist 
David Wilson is the go-to guy for active seniors.

Emily Black Health & Wellness

Experts at Bodyworks clinic in Palm Springs say age is less relevant in staying fit than it has ever been, which is good news for active seniors.


Carolina Herrera

Her designs are beloved by celebrities, like former first lady Michelle Obama, denizens of the Upper East Side, and CEOs alike.

Emily Black Fashion & Style, Fashion Week El Paseo

Confident. Modern. Beautiful. This is the goal of Carolina Herrera and her collections, from bridal to cocktail to ready-to-wear.


The Inside Crowd

Just because it’s 110 degrees outside and you could fry an egg on your face, don’t give up on your dedication to fitness. Just move it indoors.

Emily Black Health & Wellness

One afternoon after a spin class, as I proudly mopped up the puddle of sweat beneath the bike, my daydream about an ice-cold martini and a huge bowl of pistachio ice cream (consumed in precisely that order) was interrupted when I heard a woman talking about running during the summer. In the desert. In the 100-super-plus-degree heat. At first I



But not always so fancy or free: 
A brief history of sandals.

Emily Black Fashion & Style

BEAUTY I have a friend who finds sandals unseemly. Even on the most sweltering Palm Springs day, you will see her in a pair of sparkly Converse or maybe some old-school black-and-white Adidas Superstar sneakers. It’s the sight of human toes that bothers her. Good thing she’s a thoroughly modern, otherwise well-adjusted woman, because if she lived 8,000 years ago,