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Publisher’s Letter: A Little Rain Must Fall

Palm Springs Life presents its 2017 Annual Desert Living Edition.

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In the desert we learn to value every drop of moisture that comes our way. A shower here is like a surprise gift; a rainstorm seems nothing short of miraculous. But you might imagine that our collective joy was dampened last winter when it started raining in November and then continued to rain. And rain. And rain. As lovely as

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Let the Season Begin!

Palm Springs Life presents the 39th edition of its annual Desert Living issue

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I hope this 39th edition of Palm Springs Life’s annual Desert Living issue will amaze and delight like no other. The ingredients are here, starting with the extraordinary story lineup. Every year our editors and contributing writers stock the September book with A+ material. We begin with Senior Editor Ellen Alperstein’s examination of the wildlife resource management work done by

Publishers Letter

STUDY: Fine Taste and Loyalty Prevail

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STUDY: Fine Taste and Loyalty Prevail. The late Malcolm Forbes had a trademark saying: “In all thy getting, get understanding.” Through our study, we have a better understanding of who you are: leaders and trendsetters enormously influential in your families, businesses, and communities.