Peril On The Plate

Food Allergies Can Turn Every Morsel Into A Minefield — Precautions Save Lives

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As many as 15 million Americans have some type of food allergy; 6 million of those are children, many of them younger than 3.

Champions of Charity

These philanthropic women give time, love, and money to help children in need

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When Barbara Sinatra, Nelda Linsk, and Helene Galen launched the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center 25 years ago, they infused star power into a deep, dark issue: child abuse. They saw the children that others overlooked and vowed to comfort and heal their wounded spirits.

The Maze of Denials

Navigate your way through the system when your insurance company says ‘No.’

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Six of California’s largest private insurers denied 47.7 million claims (22 percent of all claims) from Jan.
1, 2002, through June 30, 2009, according to the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee.

A Storied Life

Rita Moreno shares anecdotes and music in a night of cabaret at Annenberg Theater

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THE STACCATO TAP-TAP-TAP of the hi-hat punctuates the air as the lights slowly illuminate Rita Moreno in a red gown. She snaps her fingers to the familiar opening chords of “Fever,” a vision of loveliness in stark contrast to the scruffy, longhaired drummer striking the cymbals behind her.