palm springs

Palm Springs

Making a modern Village.

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Over the past decade the City of Palm Springs has worked diligently to do the impossible — retain the small-town, village atmosphere from the 1920s and still be a 21st century hotspot. With involved leaders, residents, and businesses, that blend is becoming a reality. The Downtown Project has been the key to revitalizing the city with its mix of retail,



The City of Festivals anchors the Coachella Valley to the future.

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Did you know that Indio was recently recognized among the Top 20 Best Cities for Young Families in California by for its “unparalleled quality of living?” It is now the city with the youngest population in the Coachella Valley and is attracting more families looking for a better quality of life and businesses that want to serve their needs.

art fairs

Art Appreciation

Painting, Painting 
on the Wall: Where do 
I find the one I love?

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Art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. So where can you find the unique pieces that not only match your aesthetic, but elevate it? Galleries? Maybe. But it might be more fun to hit up the art fairs and festivals that dot the landscape this month in and around the Coachella Valley. They’re more relaxed than a


The Magic Touch

Valentine's Day never seemed so romantic than when you and your partner share a massage.

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Chocolate candies and red roses are nice, but if you’re looking for a way to really touch your partner this Valentine’s Day, consider an intimate couple’s massage. Our picks for the Coachella Valley’s best parlors and spas will come in handy. Check in to The Well Spa at the Miramonte Indian Wells Resort & Spa for a 90-minute Pittura Festa

palm springs film festival

Map to the Stars

Palm Springs International Film Festival 
insider Michael Lerman guides us to the best 
screenings, soirees, sightings, and more.

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The 28th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival (PSIFF) raises the curtain Jan. 5, for 11 days of movie magic that attracts filmmakers, actors, writers, directors, editors, critics, and fans to the desert from around the globe. For those in the industry, the festival is a busman’s holiday. For the rest of us, it’s an exciting opportunity to watch great

holiday gifts

Wish You Were Here

Sunshiny holiday gifts for the ones you left behind.

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Sitting outside and soaking up the desert sun, your thoughts turn to the friends and loved ones shivering in the cold and early darkness of winter. You ponder how best to recognize them this holiday season. From books, art, and home décor that celebrate Palm Springs’ bounty of midcentury architecture to lotions and skin care products to foods that make

Welcome to Our 
Winter Wonderland

Make a list and check it twice for fun-filled holiday happenings.

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Whether you’ve escaped to the desert for the first time for a
different kind of white Christmas, or this is a regular winter retreat from snow country, you have plenty of ways to celebrate the season in the Coachella Valley. A couple of the events, like WildLights at The Living Desert and 
Santaland at the Desert Rose Playhouse, began in November.