Mountain Man

There’s more to the Maynard Mine Trail in Andreas Canyon than meets the eye.

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The Maynard Mine Trail in Andreas Canyon attracts those who are eager for a challenge with a narrow, rugged, and rapidly ascending 6-mile round-trip route.


Rancho Mirage

Starry, starry nights.

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A new observatory is yet another draw for people who have not yet ventured to Rancho Mirage before, and another reason to return.

rancho mirage

Rancho Mirage

Details punctuate the big picture.

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An exceptional city is one that gets all the little details right. Through the years, the City of Rancho Mirage has proven itself adept at imagining the big picture — evidence of this greets residents and visitors at every turn. Careful planning and sound financial management enable Rancho Mirage to continue to enhance day-to-day life for all who flock to

cathedral city

Cathedral City

Emerging and hitting its stride.

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The shimmering sun casts its glow on Cathedral City. Given its year-round appeal for desert living, Cathedral City has never been content to be a mere shimmery surface. A wide variety of new projects and developments set to emerge in the city illustrate its depth and commitment to being an extraordinary destination for residents and visitors alike. Fans of live