Palm Springs Horseback Riding

Riding into the Sunset

There is just the right horse with your name on it at Coyote Ridge Stables.

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There is nothing around for miles except desert wilderness. You hear the call of hawks and other birds. Your view is the breathtaking San Bernardino mountains. The air is fresh. Civilization seems far away. Your horse sighs. You sigh. Trail guide Sue Lund points to a distant peak. “Trail riders are stunned when I point out the top of the

International Banana Museum

Going Bananas

The International Banana Museum peels back the truth on why we do the splits over this fruit.

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Yes, we do have bananas. And lots of them. The International Banana Museum located in Mecca near the Salton Sea has more than 20,000 banana-related items to peruse. But first you have to sit at the banana bar and enjoy a banana shake, ice cream soda float, banana split or chocolate-covered banana. Don’t forget to sample one of four different