A Pearl of a Restaurant

Vicky’s of Santa Fe celebrates its 30th anniversary (hint, pearls) with retro prices from its 1989 start in Indian Wells.

Kay Kudukis Current Digital, Restaurants

Vicky’s of Santa Fe marks its 30th anniversary with retro prices from its 1989 start, a red carpet entrance, and memorabilia on April 22 in Indian Wells.


Wine and Dine

Now in its sophomore year, Rancho Mirage Wine and Food Festival is soon to be a desert classic.

Kay Kudukis Current Digital, Restaurants

Rombauer Vineyards has teamed up with Acqua California Bistro Jan. 30 to help kick off the Rancho Mirage Wine and Food Festival.


Moshe Safdie: The Landscape of Modernism

The Israeli-Canadian architect, urban designer, educator, theorist, and author gives a taste of his upcoming talk at Modernism Week.

Kay Kudukis Current Digital, Modernism

Moshe Safdie has built magnificent projects, but one would be hard pressed to say “that’s a Safdie” because they are decidedly different from each other.

Southwest Art Fair


Indio’s renowned Southwest Arts Festival draws thousands of 
enthusiasts with its eclectic mix of artists and craftspeople

Kay Kudukis Arts & Entertainment

The 31st annual Southwest Arts Festival in Indio is sure to awaken the inner art-lover in all of us. Taking place Jan. 26–29 at the Empire Polo Club, the festival features traditional, contemporary and abstract paintings, along with an array of other mediums from more than 240 diverse artists. With paintings, drawings, glass, jewelry, metals, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and textiles,


The Keys to Paradise

Perfection is hard to come by, but this four-bedroom home at 47505 Vintage Drive East comes pretty close.

Kay Kudukis Real Estate

Tucked back away from the street, a stone pathway leads through the thick green grass of the meticulously manicured yard to the ivy-covered stone walls and large latticed bronze clad gates that peek-a-boos the courtyard. Two mature, husky palms flank either side — sentinels guarding the gate to this elegant home. The inside is just as spectacular as the entrance.