The Sex Lives of Dates

The Sex Lives of Dates

How a love-struck Midwesterner made sweet blondes and brunettes a Coachella Valley icon — and a loyalist of me.

Kent Black Current PSL, Restaurants

Dates are an almost perfect food. Rich in vitamins and minerals, its high sugar content is a potent source of energy.

french fries

Want Fries With That?

Potatoes and tomatoes traveled parallel paths through history. 
When they met up, the result was pure gold.

Kent Black Current PSL, Restaurants

Whatever you call them — french fries, Belgian fries, chips — few foods elicit such strong opinions, even passion, as does this simple fried vegetable.

Jeff Taylor

Equality in Aging

A patient becomes an advocate for people living, and aging, with HIV.

Kent Black Health & Wellness

As more people live long and happy lives with HIV, a Palm Springs man is encouraging healthcare strategies to keep people healty and vital.


The Wild West That Never Was

With their shitkickers, six guns, and 10-gallon hats, the early denizens of Palm Springs 
lived out their cow-punching fantasies.

Kent Black Current PSL, History

The Western mythos of Palm Springs was an invention. Those who created and perpetrated this fantasy loved riding horses and loved the beauty and wildness of the desert.


Palm Springs Life at 60

For our Diamond Jubilee, we take a look back at our first year in print.

Kent Black History

Palm Springs Life’s 60th anniversary is celebrated with a look back at that first year in print featuring the most illuminating, informative, and sometimes silly pages starting March 20, 1958.


Return of 
the King

The dethroning 
of Roger Federer 
did not go 
as planned.

Kent Black BNP, Tennis

Starting with Wimbledon in 2003 and ending with Australia in 2018, Roger Federer has won 20 Grand Slam titles. He is a five-time winner at the BNP Paribas Open, which starts March 5.