best holiday gifts

Red Alert

Roses are red, rubies are too. Looking at price tags will ruin Christmas for you.

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Here are the best holiday gifts for 2017 that might scare you by their price tag, but lure you with a dedication to making you see red in a good way.

top dentists 2017

Top Dentists 2017

150 years ago “painless” dentistry involved drugs that knocked you out for days. Few medical arts have evolved so far, so fast.

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Using a rigorous process, topDentists has compiled Top Dentists 2017, a sampling of the great body of talent in the field of dentistry in California.

desert dreamers 5

Desert Dreamers 5: The Eccentric Visionaries

There is no doubt that the limitless possibilities offered by the desert often attract the most eccentric personalities. But it would be a mistake to call them crazy. It sometimes takes a generation or two to discover the genius of a nutball.

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In Desert Dreamers 5, there is no doubt that the limitless possibilities offered by the desert often attract the most eccentric personalities.

Keep the kids busy for the holidays

Keep the Kids Busy for the Holidays in Greater Palm Springs

Santa's Village brings back nostalgic holiday memories. Lights make The Living Desert sparkle. And build your own wreath at Children's Discovery Museum of the Desert.

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Trying to keep the kids busy for the holidays in Greater Palm Springs can be a challenge. We’ve found three ways for you to do it and have fun yourself.

luxury watches

The Nature of Time

Sticks and stones, ticks and tocks. The detritus of life is ordered by clocks.

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— Chopard Mille Miglia automatic, Frasca Jewelers When Hans Wilsdorf founded his watch company in London in 1905, he dreamed of creating a reliable timepiece that could be worn on the wrist. He wanted a name that was short and that people would remember. The word itself 
is an invention. — Rolex Yacht-Master 40 with blue dial, Leeds & Son


A Salt Lick

In four parts.

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FOOD Consider a life without salt. What would it look like? Would the world be much the same, minus the snack aisle? Would the void be noticeable, a gaping hole in the human experience once filled with giant pretzels, potato chips, salted caramel nitrogen ice cream, and Cheetos? Would we inhabit a less nuanced world dominated by the bitter and

tim bradley

Desert Dreamers 4: The Sports Stars

They came; they saw blue skies, perfect weather, and endless possibilities for indulging their sporting passions.

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From the beginning, Palm Springs has always been a sporty place. People first came because the dry desert air was good for the lungs (actually, its clean air, devoid of pollution, helps people with conditions like asthma), but it wasn’t long before the sports-minded crowd followed with their tennis rackets, golf clubs, polo mallets, and hiking staffs. Nellie Coffman laid

top doctors 2017

Top Doctors 2017

A physician-led 
team identifies the desert’s 
top doctors in 
38 specialties.

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There’s an old joke that you can never find a policeman/plumber/president when you really need one. Applied to medical practitioners here in the Coachella Valley, that old chestnut has absolutely no traction. The editors at Palm Springs Life do not think your health is a laughing matter. That’s why, when we put together our annual Top Doctors 2017 story, we