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Tiki Town

At first glance, there could be no stranger bedfellows than midcentury aesthetics and The Tiki Craze. Yet, their Palm Springs comingling reveals an unexpected symbiosis.

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The one piece of the Donald Wexler/Richard Harrison oeuvre that sometimes leads to head-scratching is their Royal Hawaiian Estates built in 1960.

Palm Springs Nightlife

I’ll Take Manhattan

It takes eight weeks to make this classic cocktail. It’s more than worth the wait.

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Over the last 156 years the Manhattan has had myriad incarnations from the Dry Manhattan, the Rob Roy, the Metropolitan Manhattan and the Fourth Regiment.

Break an Egg

Will a cooking competition with 
Chef Puck end with 
egg on my face?

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The notion of engaging in a cooking competition with Wolfgang Puck, uber chef, is totally absurd.

Palm Springs Restaurants Le Vallauris

Nos Amis 
Les Français

Some people would consider appetizers the opening act. At Le Vallauris, they almost steal the show.

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From sushi to tapas, mini tacos to skirt steak satay, thumb-sized sliders to fois gras truffles, the Coachella Valley is a veritable United Nations of amuse-bouches.

A Visit With the Humane

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Since opening in 1961, the Humane Society of the Desert, aka, the Orphan Pet Oasis, has grown to more than nine beautifully groomed and shaded acres with facilities for more than 150 dogs.

The Boys of a Hot Summer

Palm Springs POWER, city celebrate 4th of July

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Baseball, hot dogs, cold drinks and fireworks. Fans filling the stands at Palm Springs Stadium, and those who blanketed Sunrise Park outside the gates, were here for one of the great local traditions.

Striking the Right Balance

Palm Desert’s Kim Tang reflects on how transitioning from marathon runner to competitive yogini keeps her grounded

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Competition yogini Kim Tang, a mother of three and co-owner of Palm Desert’s Bikram Yoga University Village, defies stereotypes that all its practitioners are 20-something former gymnasts.