Sam Rockwell is the greatest actor you’ve never noticed.

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The dedication by Sam Rockwell is apparent in every role, but that may be all they have in common. Looking over his filmography, from Iron Man to Frost/Nixon, no throughline emerges.


Natalie Portman Peels Back the Layers in ‘Jackie’

in plain sight as a character even more famous, and private, than herself.

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As an actress, Natalie Portman has proven herself many times, from her first role at age 11 in Léon: The Professional to her award-amassing turn — and leap, and arabesque — in Black Swan. But with the title role in Jackie, she treads on the hallowed ground of a 20th-century icon, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, as if to the manor born.


You Must Remember This

A few choice scenes from the 28-year-old Palm Springs International Film Festival.

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Sure, it’s a really big deal now. The Palm Springs International Film Festival, about to enter its 28th year, is commonly acknowledged to be the first stop on the Oscar train. Out of 44 festival honorees in the last four years, 40 have been nominated for an Academy Award. “You can’t do much better than that,” says festival chairman Harold