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The Food Processor

Top Chef’s Gail Simmons is an accidental culinarian on purpose.

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It’s kind of impossible to think of Gail Simmons without thinking of food. The Toronto native has forged a culinary career over the last two decades that’s touched on just about every possible aspect of the food world. She attended cooking school, toiled on the line inside the kitchens of fabled New York restaurants, worked for a world-renowned French chef,

dr david clawson

David R. Clawson, M.D. — Top Doctors 2016

Rehabilitation Medicine, Eisenhower Medical Center

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David R. Clawson has always been enamored of the Coachella Valley; for years he and his family visited from Washington state over long weekends and school breaks. But it wasn’t until Eisenhower established a dedicated physical medicine and rehabilitation program that he jumped at the chance to move here full time to practice the kind of medicine he loved. Now,

dr amy law

Amy Law, M.D. — Top Doctors 2016

Oncology, Eisenhower Medical Center

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For Amy Law, there has never been a more exciting time to be an oncologist. A lot has changed since she started practicing in the 1990s. Medical researchers and physicians now have a better understanding of how genetic mutations drive growth of the disease and the result is phenomenal changes in how it’s treated. “The more we know about the

dr elliot lander

Elliot B. Lander, M.D. — Top Doctors 2016

Urology and Stem Cell Treatment, California Stem Cell Treatment Center

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It would still be business as usual for Elliot B. Lander and the successful Rancho Mirage urology practice he established in 1997 had it not been for one life-changing event in 2010. That’s when his colleague, cosmetic surgeon and fat transfer expert Mark Berman showed him a new stem cell technology he’d been introduced to in Korea. The technology enables

dr geoffrey block

Geoffrey D. Block, M.D. — Top Doctors 2016

Gastroenterology, Eisenhower Medical Center

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When Geoffrey D. Block was recruited by Eisenhower Medical Center to focus on interventional and surgical endoscopy, only part of his glee was about the work. He’d grown tired of the gray skies of Pittsburgh, where he’d spent more than 30 years as a physician, and his wife was excited about the prospect of living closer to family in Los

dr. hetal bhakta

Hetal R. Bhakta, M.D. — Top Doctors 2016

Cardiology, Desert Regional Medical Center

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Almost every cardiology practice has a significant impact on patients’ lives, but that wasn’t enough for Hetal R. Bhakta. He specializes in electrophysiology because it “allows us to do certain procedures that are definitive in their nature. You don’t get to do that very often in medicine,” he says. Bhakta also loved the idea that the field, which focuses on

dr harrry haroutunian

Harry L. Haroutunian, M.D. — Top Doctors 2016

Addiction Rehabilitation and Recovery, Betty Ford Center

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Known by patients and colleagues as “Dr. Harry,” Harry L. Haroutunian “was an old-fashioned country doctor,” says the Boston native of the years he spent in family practice in Vermont, often making house calls. He also ran an active sports medicine practice, but his focus changed when he visited Rancho Mirage’s Betty Ford Center as a patient: He was concerned

The Sandwich Generation

For the Sippels, owners of TKB Deli, the family jewels 
are Mom’s recipes and her formidable workforce of “kids.”

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It’s a few hours past the lunchtime rush on a Friday afternoon, but TKB Bakery & Deli, the family-run shop in Indio, is still buzzing with customers.


Play it Again

I love rock ’n’ roll, So put another dime in the jukebox, baby. I love rock ’n’ roll, So come an’ take your time an’ dance with me*

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The digital divas look more like a computer on steroids than a music box, and the songs cost more than a dime, but you can still nurse a beer to the musical accompaniment of your choice.