Palm Trees at Coachella Valley Preserve, Thousand Palms

Taking Stock Options

Often, the shortest distance between feeling fatigued and fantastic is along the road not taken.

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After crossing a sandy wash that straddles the San Andreas Fault, the trail descends to the cooler floor of the oasis. The sumptuous palm fronds afford shade and transpire water, imparting 10- to 15-degree cooler air and a bit of humidity. More significant, human blood pressure also falls … and moods elevate. Nature’s restorative benefits might be the legacy of

The King and Queen of Palm Springs Modern

Bob and Helene Alexander helped transform what was a sleepy, exclusive enclave into a vibrant, more inclusive city

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Sunday, Nov. 14, 1965: a day when modern architecture was not yet time-stamped “midcentury” and “the Alexanders” referred not to houses but to the visionary family who built them.

Polo in Paradise

One of the world’s oldest and most patrician of pastimes is alive and well in the Coachella Valley

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Inclusion, not exclusion, defines polo, desert style. With most admissions free, more than 4,000 spectators from every walk of life converge on the local fields each Sunday from January through March.