Music and Magic in the Mojave

You ain’t lived till you’ve rocked, ribbed, and raged at Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace.

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Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace, a honky-tonk in the High Desert, is perched at the edge of a dusty town that was originally constructed to be an Old West movie set.

aarti sequeira

Aarti Brings the Party

The Food Network star welcomes you to her table at Palm Desert Food & Wine.

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Cooking isn’t just about making food, says Aarti Sequeira. It’s your invitation to the table. Sequeira will hold a demo during Palm Desert Food & Wine.


Into the Wild

Immerse yourself in the desertscape.

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The goal of Coachella Valley organizations like Friends of the Desert Mountains is to stoke a passion for the environment through recreation programs.

salton sea

2 Leagues Under the Sea

As the Salton Sea recedes, an environmental disaster looms, but just a few feet below the sea’s surface may be salvation.

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“Where are the the bubbles,” says Jeff Geraci. He has to shout to be heard over the whirring, metallic din of the airboat as it propels across the murky water. He points to a place in the distance where the placid surface blisters and burbles. The captain of this boat is Tom Anderson from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service,

pappy and harriets

Road House, Sans Swayze

It’s like your best friend’s house is a bar and a band is playing in the garage.

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Wine bars are cozy and cocktail bars are a chic delight. But a roadhouse is like slipping on a well-worn glove. Good roadhouses have all the trappings of a traditional bar. Certainly there’s a bartender, some stools, and an array of taps. But there’s something else — an elusive, indefinable quality that makes this more than just a place to