Palm Springs Chefs

Chef Engin Dreams of Day Off

What do our favorite 
chefs like to do when they get together? It involves sharp knives, fire, wine, beer, and moscow mules. What could possibly 
go wrong?

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At a sleek house in the Historic Tennis Club neighborhood of Palm Springs, the chefs are introduced through other senses instead. It’s all about scent and sound. Walk up the driveway, and you already know who’s inside. There’s the discordant clang of pans pulled from shelves. The shimmy and whistle of a simmering pot. Knives making contact with cutting boards.

Wonder Valley

Tobacco Road Boomtown

People sometimes call Wonder Valley 
a last resort, so how did the middle of nowhere become the newest hipster destination?

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In 1978, Navy jets ran practice drills over the area. They missed their target at a bombing range near the Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center and accidentally dropped 32 live bombs — 500 pounds each — on Wonder Valley. Maybe that’s why some people say Wonder Valley is a last resort. When everything else ends, this could

two bunch palms

There’s the Rub

Palm Springs Life’s massage expert proves it’s nice to be kneaded.

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I’m a person who juggles multiple jobs and deadlines, spending entire days bathed in the glow of my laptop computer. I also have a curious, mischievous toddler who constructs ramps to climb over baby gates. All of this is to say I am an anxious person with a body that contains more knots than a slab of pine. These are

alexander home

Knock Three Times

From bright energy to moody smolder, The Alexander House can wear many looks

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Think of an Alexander home as a flawless cake — elegant, clean, 
and simple. Best of all, it’s a versatile foundation for many kinds 
of frosting. During the late 1950s and ’60s, the Alexander Construction Company built more than 2,000 of its Alexander homes in the Palm Springs area. Similar in floor plan but with a variety of rooflines, they

O Pioneers

The Coachella Valley’s businesswomen from Nellie Coffman to Marion Davies enabled our desert communities to grow. Palm Springs Life honors three in a long line of desert entrepreneurs.

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The Coachella Valley was shaped, sustained, and reinvented by women, which is celebrated with the 2016 Women in Business program, a Palm Springs Life event.

Highway 62 Visited

The high 
desert wind 
carries a 
tune that 
have played 
for a long 

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Clive Wright’s house, perched in the rocky hills above Joshua Tree National Park, doubles as his music production business, Desert Sky Studios.

Eat This Now

These 12 dishes are amazing. 
Go ahead. 
Prove us wrong

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This ‘best of’ list fulfills its premise, but mostly it’s about passing along a tasty morsel in the Coachella Valley that might be overlooked.

Palm Springs Rock Climbing

Rock Around the Clock

In winter, a different kind of snowbird flocks to the desert to pursue its passion. 
Chances are, you won’t run into one on El Paseo.

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Every Saturday during the May-through-October rock-climbing season, Joshua Tree National Park hosts a pop-up coffee klatsch called Climbers Coffee.

How Green is Our Valley

It started with dates and grew to be part of America’s winter salad bowl. Can it continue?

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Farming advocate Margit Chiriaco Rusche’s vision is to use the Coachella Valley to grow support for local agriculture and cultivate the next generation of California farmers.