The Thrill of the Grill

With a little practice, you too can be a backyard-cooking master

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“Want to know the secret to grilling really great hot dogs?” Scott Aaronson asks. “You boil them for 10 minutes on the kitchen stovetop before placing them on the grill for the finishing marks. Boiling keeps in the moisture.”

A Cut Above

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“When grilling, use recipes for basic inspiration,” Morcus says, “Food is more resilient than you think. Always aim to undercook it a little, and let the meat rest before serving.”

Perfect Pairing

Celebrity chefs and world-class wineries converge on Food & Wine Festival Palm Desert for a weekend of fun, education, and good taste.

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Under the big white tent that had seen night after night of runway shows during Fashion Week El Paseo, another event unfolded in late March: the second annual Food & Wine Festival Palm Desert, where an all-star lineup of chefs and winemakers offered demonstrations and an appreciable serving of gourmet dishes and wine pairings.

Fare With Flair

Chefs use color, texture, height, space, and shape to create artful tableaux

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“It doesn’t matter how delicious a meal tastes; if a dish is presented without style and finesse, if it isn’t appealing to the eye, it falls short.”

Thanksgiving Spice – Chef Biagio “Gino” Cipriano

Ristorante Tuscany - Desert Springs JW Marriott

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“I celebrated my first Thanksgiving only 10 years ago,” Gino Cipriano says. “When I moved from Sicily to the United States, I didn’t know many people. My new friends, not wanting me to spend the holiday alone, invited me to share the day with them and made me feel like I was a part of their family. I will never forget that day. It will always be my most special Thanksgiving memory.”