Steady as She Goes

Real estate prices are hanging in, 
but might be on the run this season

Mike Cooper Market Watch, Real Estate

The median price per square foot for the Coachella Valley remains unchanged, but the year-over-year change in city prices is still rather positive.

The Comeback KIDS

How the desert cities are recovering from the fall

Mike Cooper Market Watch

The Coachella Valley housing market as measured by price has nearly recovered from crash levels.

A Tale of Two Cities

The housing market in Palm Springs surges while La Quinta lags with high inventory

Mike Cooper Market Watch

A comparison of the housing markets in two major Coachella Valley cities — Palm Springs and La Quinta — shows a strain needn’t always occur in the housing recovery

A Cycle of Falling Prices

The world’s deflationary outlook could hold down U.S. interest rates

Mike Cooper Market Watch

For the last six months, the financial community has been speculating about when the Federal Reserve will start raising interest rates.

Risky Business

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac must clarify liability regulations so that banks will ease stiff credit requirements and begin lending again

Mike Cooper Market Watch

If the banks don’t start easing up on their tight credit requirements, our general forecast is that housing prices will be essentially unchanged. However, if they do ease up, we think a further price increase of 10 percent is possible.