Agua Caliente Hot Mineral Spring

A Spring

Ancient waters and Tribal visionaries pump new life into downtown Palm Springs.

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Pulsating along the periphery of its new forthcoming cultural center, the Agua Caliente Hot Mineral Spring bubbles as it has since time immemorial.


A Success Story With Soul

When it comes to entrepreneurial endeavors or Italian eats, Scott Conant always seems to find the secret ingredient.

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In a career spanning more than 30 years, celebrated chef and restaurateur Scott Conant has entrenched himself in 
the consciousness of foodies worldwide.

Keys in front door of home

The Real Deal

Has the Coachella Valley 
finally recovered
 from the real estate free fall of 2011? 
There may be reason 
for cautious 

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Coachella Valley’s housing market presents a complex tapestry threaded with often unpredictable conditions and a richly mottled inventory reflective of nine cities with nine singular temperaments. Woven into this delicate fabric are key qualities specific to valley real estate — distinctive architectural styles, diverse lifestyles, comparative affordability, and a global reputation as a resort destination — that provide resilience and


A Community of Givers

The Coachella Valley is where helping others comes second nature to many people, especially when it comes to education.

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The Coachella Valley is lucky to have an abundance of people who give time, money, and expertise in the service of others to sustain a quality of life.

Artist Linda Sibio

Coloring Outside the Lines

High-Desert artist Linda Carmella Sibio articulates the stigma of mental illness in a visual language.

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CAMEO Dressed in a flower-print frock, short faux leopard boots, extreme cat-eye specs, and a man’s button-down shirt bearing hand-painted designs, Linda Carmella Sibio stands out in a crowd; she’s the pink cupcake with rainbow sprinkles in a box of buttermilk doughnuts. Her singularity is without pretense, her fashion sense a whirl of whimsy and thrift. Diagnosed with schizophrenia in

Palm Springs Retreat

The soaring structures designed by Charles R. Stinson are firmly rooted in the earth that sustains them.

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Long before it became fashionable — Charles Stinson and his firm, Charles R. Stinson Architecture + Design, have practiced environmentally synergistic architecture.