Raising the Valley

A regional collaborative serves up programs aimed at preparing students for college and career

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Starting in 2012, the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership has aligned the region’s education programs with its workforce needs.

Art for the Collective Eye

From sculptures, statues, and murals to paintings and neoglyphs, art in public places enhances the desert’s cultural landscape

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Lauded for its modern design and midcentury mystique, Palm Springs abounds with public art, much of it deviating from modernism’s more abstract style.

Everlasting Somers

Suzanne Somers conquered cancer, built a worldwide health and beauty brand, went organic before it was cool, and proved that age really is only a number. For this Palm Springs resident, the 
good times are just getting started

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The Palm Springs resident may qualify for Medicare and senior discounts at the movies, but describing Suzanne Somers as “old” is like saying all blondes are ditzy.

Creating a Dinah-sty

Event promoter extraordinaire Mariah Hanson goes all out for the girls.

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Even from her home in Sonoma, you can feel Mariah Hanson’s intensity blaze as she describes her passionate love affair with The Dinah — the largest lesbian party in the world.

Silver Belles

The Iconic Dinah Shore Weekend Celebrates 25 Years Of Rocking Palm Springs.

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While The Dinah has matured over 25 years, the rhythmic heart of the event beats steady and true.

Telling Lives

The American Documentary Film Festival captures the art of real life

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This year, the American Documentary Film Festival’s prevalent themes include marriage, parent-child relationships, environment and conservation, mentorship, and equality.

Reigning Rafa Returns

A chat with 2013 BNP Paribas Open champion Rafael Nadal

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His dark eyes never stray from the ball during a rally. No. 1 in the world — again — Rafael Nadal is a fluid portrait of fitness, intensity, and focus.