A Return To Pleasantville

Color and an element of surprise add panache to a 1960s classic

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Homeowners don’t always fall in love with their dream houses at first sight. Even houses with good lines and great views may need time to win our affection.

In Perfect Harmony

Joan and Gary Gand's passion for music is matched only by their affinity for midcentury modern architecture

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The musical couple of Joan and Gary Gand compose a love of modern design by fine-tuning their Palm Springs home with period treasures.

License to Thrill

A 1960s ultramodern home in Cahuilla Hills offers out-of-the-box living.

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Resembling a group of emerald rings nestled in a rock garden, the residence of Nicholas and Carole French sits on a rocky hillside in the Cahuilla Hills neighborhood in south Palm Springs.

Modern Master

Architect Hugh Kaptur's Designs Were Among The Most Creative And Innovative Of The Era.

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Hugh Kaptur says that architects should follow the wishes of their clients. However, he’s willing to bend that rule once in a while.

Reflecting On The Past

Sunnylands' New Visitor Center Mirrors The Feel Of The Original Estate

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Nine acres of agave, cacti, and wild grasses hint at the sustainable practices found throughout the grounds of the Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands.

For The Love of the Land

John Lautner, a "radically climate-based architect," found his inspiration in nature and sought to unify structures with the landscape.

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John Lautner designed for Palm Springs in an inspired way, if, just this once, the notion of inspiration is admissible. It might be equally true to say the desert inspired the Los Angeles-based architect and gave him ideas for structures.

Revisiting the Kaufmann House

The delicate art of marketing Palm Springs’ most-famous house

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It’s like being in Switzerland: You want to see the Matterhorn,” says Crosby Doe, a veteran salesman of architecturally significant houses. And when in Palm Springs, he adds, “You want to see the Kaufmann Desert House.”