Masters of Modernism — Now Clear This!

Charles Hollis Jones, the legendary designer of 1970s Pop furniture, introduces a series of unpredictably organic work

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Like he does with his material of choice, Charles Hollis Jones reshapes himself. At 63, the iconic virtuoso of transparent plastic resin furniture has embarked on a series of chairs, four-poster beds, tables, and bar stools that will likely surprise anybody who remembers the almost puritanically Modernist work shown in the Elrod Showroom during the 1960s.

Masters of Modernism — The Butterfly Effect

Alexander tract architect William Krisel says design is meant to last

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William Krisel wants to clear up a misconception. “Whenever people see a house with a butterfly roof,” the 84-year architect says, “they think that I designed it.” But, he adds, “It’s not true.” It’s an understandable error in Palm Springs, where the roof with two wings evokes one of the city’s best-known home designs — from the Twin Palms tract, which Krisel and then-partner Dan Palmer designed in the late 1950s.