Behind the Mask

Adrian Cuevas is no superhero, but his Interstellar Comic Book & Collectibles store in Palm Springs has become a gathering place for enthusiasts who share the history, fantasy, and significance of their heroes.

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Adrian Cuevas is no superhero, but his Interstellar Comic Book & Collectibles store in Palm Springs has become a gathering place for enthusiasts who share the significance of their heroes.

scott cole

Prescription for Movement

Scott Cole's success on the national stage brought him to the desert, where he continues to help people find a pain-free existence.

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Scott Cole has trained celebrities like Christian Bale and Barry Manilow. He’s appeared in Abs of Steel 2 for Men, and created his own DVD series, Discover Tai Chi, which has sold more than 1 million copies. It was his success on the national stage that also brought him to the desert in the late 1980s. “When I won the

garyk lee

Palm Springs Illustrated

Palm Springs artist Garyk Lee captures the essence of the retro desert lifestyle in his drawings, but it's up to you to discover the story behind it.

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Take a look at Garyk Lee’s drawings, and you’ll find yourself quickly immersed in the drama being played out in front of you. The Palm Spring artist has illustrated classic Palm Springs for Modernism Week 2017, and his Modernism Series will be showcased at Destination PSP’s store at the event’s headquarters called CAMP (Community and Meeting Place). Lee’s Fashion Fused


Finding Her Pot of Gold

Palm Springs' Shaktima Brien found art has opened her life to possibilities and a new sense of freedom.

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Shaktima Brien is on a treasure hunt. Not the tangible kind, but one that has guided her career as an artist. “I want to know more about what’s inside us,” she says. “It motivates me and makes me get up in the morning and play with the colors. I’ve always been a philosopher and writer, so to probe the psyche

logan adair

Drawing Attention

Logan Adair is just 18, but the teen artist has begun to make a name for himself in Palm Springs thanks to the Backstreet Art District

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Logan Adair doesn’t live in Palm Springs yet, but his artwork is doing the introductions for him. The West Texas teen will be in town July 6 for the Backstreet Art District’s Art Walk held on the first Wednesday of every month. Adair’s contemporary-abstract paintings will be on display at Artize Gallery. “His work sells,” says Kelly Truscott, who owns

Bionic Houses – Smoke Tree House

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Architect Suzanne Zahr Fleming, who designed a house on Smoke Tree Lane in Palm Springs, suggests going green simply means good design. “The most effective way to promote energy efficiency is to design a house that takes full advantage of natural light, passive solar energy, shading, cross-ventilation, and efficient space planning,” she says.

Bionic Houses – Pioneertown House


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Lloyd Russell, architect for the “green” house on Burns Canyon Road in Pioneertown, refers to his “handmade modernism”: sharp design and better, affordable construction. The architecture features sleek lines and sundry materials that enhance the structure and lifestyle.