La Quinta Cove

Geo Jane

Jane Udall leads hikers on a five-hour hike through Bear Creek Ridge, where natural and scientific wonder combine for a day of discovery.

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Certified desert naturalist and avid hiker Jane Udall embraces the environment she has grown to love since moving to the Coachella Valley in 2003. Her enthusiasm is infectious, which makes excursions in her company memorable. “I’m enamored with the desert mountains and everything is so different than the Pacific Northwest,” says the former hospital administrator from Oregon who now lives


Sole Mates

La Quinta runners met and married at the Tram Road Challenge. But not all on the same day.

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La Quinta couple Alan and Debbie Woodruff enjoy a long-distance relationship, and are the first to admit that their 20-year marriage is an uphill climb. The longtime fitness coaches and lifelong marathoners have a reason to celebrate this month at the annual Palm Springs Tram Road Challenge. Twenty years ago, the two met while negotiating the 2,000-foot incline over 3.7

medical marijuana

High Desert

Medical marijuana 
cultivation and sales 
in the valley are growing 
like a … well … weed.

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Although it’s always tempting to make stoner jokes when discussing medical marijuana, the fact is, cannabis has proved to be an effective treatment in maladies ranging from anxiety to severe back pain to appetite stimulation for cancer patients. “People are understanding more and more that this is not a place for the 20-year-old getting high, that shops are no longer

la quinta resort tennis

Holding Court at La Quinta Resort

Director of tennis is developing adult camps focused on the player’s wellness

Patti Myers Tennis

Lynne Rolley flew back and forth from San Francisco to Palm Springs so often during the last two years, she was on a first-name basis with airport gate agents. A part-time Palm Desert resident from the Berkeley area, she decided to make a full-time move and found her home away from home. Since December, she has been the director of

palm springs day trips

The Out-of-Towners

Every once in a while, even we who live here must take a little break from our desert paradise.

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Some people think they walk on water. Some people just wish they could. If you’re in the second group, we have one word: flyboarding. Zoom above the breakers on the device connected via hose to a turbine that sends the rider airborne, enabling various aerial maneuvers that typically escape human ability. Manipulating the water pressure through the hose drives the

Gary Burzell on hiking trail

Trail Mix

The generous size and varied topography of the Coachella Valley offers a range of options for folks new to hiking.

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Gary Burzell, who has a website dedicated to hiking in Palm Springs and other Coachella Valley trails, gives tips for newbies and his faves to tackle.

Our Town

We asked the mayors of the nine Coachella Valley cities common questions from 
the serious to 
the silly. Contrast and compare.

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The mayors of nine Coachella Valley cities weigh in about their towns.


Your Day on Court

Most local tennis players are accustomed only to hard surfaces, but there are clay and grass options as well here in the valley.

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Tennis enthusiasts in the Coachella Valley can enjoy the green, green grass of home year-round with some of the best lawn tennis venues in the nation.

Riders from Desert Bicycle Club

Cycle Savvy

One local group regularly rides as much for friendship as for fitness

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Hundreds of cyclists from the Greater Palm Springs area hit the road multiple times per week with mapped routes from the La Quinta Cove to downtown Palm Springs.


BNP Paribas Open Freebies, Navigation

Fans have several chances to engage during the tournament from music concerts to celebrity events

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One of the biggest sports spectacles in Southern California – the BNP Paribas Open — comes with free events and tips on how to better the experience.