joshua tree national park

Drive, He Said

A short selection of cruise-worthy drives in our environs.

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—Tom Waits After all these years, a cruise through Joshua Tree National Park remains one of the best driving experiences of my life. I was driving Barbara’s ’92 BMW 325i convertible. She was sitting passenger and Roberto reclined across the rear seat. On a whim we entered the park at the West Entrance. Roberto gave Barbara a home-recorded cassette tape

palm desert food & wine

Palm Desert Food & Wine Rewind

Too bad we can’t experience every sip and bite all over again.

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When I finally caught up to my cousin Chris midmorning Saturday, the first official day of the Palm Desert Food & Wine festival, he was hanging out near a small crowd that had gathered around Mike Grgich, the Croatian-born Napa Valley winemaker (world renowned for his 1973 Chateau Montelena chardonnay that bested all other whites at a competition in Paris)

fried chicken

Finger Lickin’ Chicken

We may be in Southern California, but it isn’t exactly “Sweet Home Alabama.” Still, when it comes to fried chicken, these spots may satisfy your cravings.

Raoul Hausmann Restaurants

Since 1976, Ralph Murphy’s recipe for pan-fried chicken has remained unchanged. The $19.95 fried chicken dinner gets you soup, salad, cornbread, and an entrée of pan-fried chicken, mashed potatoes, black-eyed peas, veggies, and a buttermilk biscuit. Dessert, usually fruit shortcake, is included. 79860 Avenue 42, Bermuda Dunes 760-345-6242; Tropicale is a swinging scene at Amado Road and S. Indian

Colorful Cocktail

Uptown Saturday Night

The corner of Alejo and North Palm Canyon used to be the end of line … now it’s just the beginning.

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NIGHTLIFE One of the saddest sights I ever saw was the former home of Don the Beachcomber at the corner of Via Lola and North Palm Canyon circa 1993. It was a peeling, neglected wreck that seemed to house little more than faded memories. If you’re feeling a bit dizzy with coffee, gourmet cuisine, and tiki drinks, just amble across


The Short History of Popcorn at the Movies

It wasn't until the late 1930s that popcorn became a regular staple at move theaters across the country.

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There is evidence that the first piece of popped corn was made in Mexico around 3600 B.C. Late 19th- century America saw the advent of the popcorn street vendor with the invention of the rolling popcorn machine by Charles Cretors. One of the first movie palaces was the Mark Strand Theatre in Manhattan, at the northwest corner of 47th Street


Buried Treasures

Who knows what riches lie beneath and beyond our sea?

Raoul Hausmann Modernism

ARCHITECTURE Everyone knows that countless masterpieces of midcentury architecture are sprinkled liberally throughout Thunderbird Heights, Vista Las Palmas, Racquet Club Estates, and many other west valley neighborhoods. Some streets are so packed with Krisels, Wexlers, and Alexanders you almost wish for a generic stucco ranch house or double-wide trailer to break up the party. To be sure, if you cast

The Knoll Company

Modernism Tomorrow

The Knoll Company brought modern 
to America ... and it has 
spent the last 70 years keeping it fresh.

Raoul Hausmann Modernism

DESIGN “The concept of modern things is constantly evolving,” says Benjamin Pardo, executive vice president and director of design for Knoll, Inc. “[Modernism] is a liberation of overall space in terms of planning and determining a lifestyle that is, in some ways, more modern. Modern is not only 1954. Modern is also today.” For people whose knowledge of modern design

bathing suit history

Seven Culture-Shattering Moments in Bathing Suit History

Before the Olympic age, it was more common to sink than swim

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With swimming dominating the first week of the Rio Olympics 2016, here are seven moments that brought the sport and the bathing suit into play. 1 Recreational public swimming became popular in the early 19th century (although a quick dip 
au naturel undoubtedly preceded the apple bite). Women typically wore long gowns that would billow immodestly in waist-high water, so