Steve (Stephen) Chase Q&A on Lifestyle

Sharon Apfelbaum Modernism

Slender and tanned, prematurely gray at age 38, interior designer Stephen Chase has already received a generous share of international recognition. His work has won numerous design awards and appears frequently in publications like “Architectural Digest.”

George Hurrell

His photographs recall Hollywood’s truly glamorous days

Sharon Apfelbaum PSL and Villager

George Hurrell’s camera, clicking since the 1930s, has created the ultimate atmosphere of romance and those archetypal images of men and women the world still cherishes.

Detours – Orange County

Rugged Coastline, Polished Style

Sharon Apfelbaum

A dollop of history garnishes every bite of Orange County. Modern media hype the region to a cliché wealth and status, but the richness of “The O.C.” landscape and its cultural pleasures offer a cornucopia of delights.