Modern Family

Playful colors and durable materials meet grown-up sensibility in this interior designed for all ages.

Shelly Cannon Interior Design, Real Estate

Interior designer Jeff Valenson, of Los Angeles–based Jeff Valenson Design, has created a home at Toscana Country Club that unites traditional elements with a clean, modern aesthetic.

j willott gallery

Master Curators

The owners of J. Willott Gallery reveal the artistry in curating artworks for an upscale club home at Morningside in Rancho Mirage.

Shelly Cannon Arts & Entertainment

Some people love to visit art galleries; others frequent museums. Then there are those who combine these two experiences in the comfort of their own home. That’s essentially what J. Willott Gallery helped the Davies family do. Their residence houses a collection of museum-quality art, made possible by gallery owners Josh Paquette and Josh Otten and their rarefied roster of

palm springs california

Where Great Ideas Become Great Companies

Innovation is king at the Palm Springs iHub, an incubator for energy and medical technologies.

Shelly Cannon Vision

Call it the convergence of technology and exploration, where purpose and readiness to experiment drive progress. It’s one part genius, multiple parts business and logistics, and it is all stirred by courage, conviction, and, above all, grit. This is the Palm Springs iHub, an incubator and accelerator campus where innovators and entrepreneurs come to turn their brightest ideas into successful

Aerial view of greater Palm Springs

The Pursuit of Happiness

An innovative spirit and quality of life make Greater 
Palm Springs an ideal place to live and work.

Shelly Cannon Vision

You feel it right away — the earnest, optimistic appeal that has stood the test of time and is experiencing a profound resurgence in Greater Palm Springs. Since Hollywood celebrities started coming here in the 1920s, this dreamscape has drawn the best and brightest from all walks of life, all in search of the relaxing vibe. Captains of industry come

vintage accessories

Halloween in Greater Palm Springs Goes Retro-Glam

You could buy a costume-in-a-box that you’ll throw away next month. Or you could take a tip from our resident stylists and doll yourself up the Palm Springs way.

Shelly Cannon Shopping

October conjures excitement. The mercury drops, autumn styles emerge, and, for the high-spirited, Halloween is cause for celebration. So ensues the pursuit of a worthy costume and the moxie to wear it. No need to get spooked: Whether you fantasize about transforming into a daring character or prefer something a bit more vintage, Greater Palm Springs is chock-full of dress-up

stem cell therapy

A Stem in Time Saves Nine

For aging athletes, stem cell therapy may offer a painless future.

Shelly Cannon Health & Wellness

If that relentless tennis elbow or perpetual plantar fasciitis is cramping your lifestyle, regenerative medicine is great news. An array of modalities for treating pain that were once only within the purview of professional athletes are now available to everyone. Catering to active adults who want to sustain a healthy, exercise-centric regimen, regenerative medicine aims to offer a new lease