Palm Springs Horoscopes – March 2010

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Fascinating conjectures on the History Channel about 2012: After a fall, a hiker discovers a lone Easter Island giant head on a deserted island. Calculating its alignment with the “2012 phenomenon,” he finds the astronomical perfection of the pyramids. What is the meaning of the end of a calendar?

Horoscope – February 2010

Give Charitably and Luck Will Find You

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February can be your lucky month if you decide that now is the time for your charitable contribution. Jupiter and Pluto align compatibly and encourage philanthropic action. Expanding the horizons of others will supersize your own. Luck is with those who don’t include it in their plans.

Horoscope – January 2010

Face Fears During Radical Changes

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2010 ushers in the rare and serious Saturn Pluto square, a couple of Saturn Uranus squares, and eventually Uranus and Pluto will square off. This series of alignments is unprecedented. For most of us, this will mean adjusting to radical changes caused by forces larger than ourselves.

Palm Springs Horoscopes – December 2009

As Empire Crumbles, Much Can Be Accomplished

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Confluences affect everyone. Notice the suspicion and jockeying for position. Groups with like-minded purposes benefit through using the law effectively. Empires will crumble. It’s a great time to break off from the herd and be an individual.

Horoscope October 2009

Think Inside of What Box?

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Fasten your seat belt: It’s Saturn square Pluto. The last square was in 1993, and the next comes in 2016. What happens this year will set many precedents and integrate into a world culture by the next square.

Horoscope – September 2009

How to Prosper in the Great Alignment

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A great paradigm shift could occur in the next 12 months — an astonishing alignment with irrevocable changes for the nation and the planet. The machinations of an avaricious nation (or two) will force a world court, followed closely (or maybe preceded) by planetary change that also requires a global management organization.

Horoscope – August 2009

Solar Year Holds Promise for Country

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Solar Year Holds Promise for Country – Barak Obama’s Aug. 4 birthday chart indicates a strong working relationship with the press. His solar year will be productive in areas of reformation and real estate. Leo with air is an intelligent ruler. Obama’s air dominance will encourage input and participation from all citizens.

Connect to Energy of the Internet

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Expect huge gains for the Internet industry. Jupiter and Neptune align in Aquarius. We are entering an age (2,000 years) of electromagnetic energy. In a thousand years, we will be totally powered by magnetism (the sun and its alignments). For now, it’s the Internet.

Horoscope – April 2009

Expect Conflicts, Nurture Relationships

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Retrograde Venus threatens the peace and balance of all relationships this month. In open rebellion against the status quo, many will resort to aggressive tactics that attack the bedrock of agreements. Global rumblings should be held up to the light and true motivations uncovered. All partnerships are challenged. The development and maintenance of relationships is crucial.

Horoscope – March 2009

New Generation Takes The Lead

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Institutions that are so last century are crumbling. We are in a period of rapid change, much like the years 1961-1968. It will be up to the Aquarian agers (born in the ’60s) to lead us back to parity, as so long ago baby boomers led us to progress. And be nice to boomers. They’re well-meaning parents and grandparents who deserve respect for their contributions.