Horoscope February 2009

Quirky Aquarians Take the Lead

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Ah, Aquarians. Intellectually social, you can be found in group after group, wherever you can increase your understanding of the human condition. You represent the next 2,000 years, when the electric networking of Aquarius replaces the faith-based emotionalism of Pisces.

Horoscopes January 2009

This is the Dawning

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This is the Dawning – As we make a quantum leap into the Age of Aquarius, all of us can benefit to the extent that we drop the institutions of Pisces and embrace the organizations of Aquarius.

Horoscope October 2008

Truth Lies Ahead

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Expect outrageous lies as we approach the last weeks of Pluto in Sagittarius. Since 1994, we have been wading through a cosmic miasma of water and fire, creating a steam of expansive consciousness that often has little contact with reality.

Horoscope August 2008

Call to Order

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Palm Springs Horoscopes – Your Mars and Saturn align this month, and order is the keyword. Account for everything. Things in the air, not on paper, threaten extinction unless you supply the sweat equity. Make lists: pro and con, keep and throw away, commit and disengage. The little details in perfect order are the key to success. Get busy!