How to Make a Grown Man Fly?

Send him to Porsche’s new prototype dealership to pick up the new 718 Boxster GTS.

Steve Siler Current PSL, Shopping

Porsche builds its cars in Germany, but there may be no better place to own one than from Porsche Palm Springs where indiGO Auto Group has upped the experience.

bentley continental 2019

A Handmade Masterpiece

The 2019 Continental GT reinvigorates 
Bentley’s sporting sensibilities with special 
attention to the luxury details.

Steve Siler Current PSL, Shopping

Assembling its cars in England since 1946, the Bentley 2019 Continental GT reinvigorates their sporting sensibilities with special 
attention to the luxury.

vintage cars

The Secret Palm Springs Car Museum

How a nondescript warehouse became a safe haven for a group of friends and more than 100 four-wheeled treasures.

Steve Siler Current PSL, History

The car scene here differs from most in that the Coachella Valley has a high concentration of well-preserved vintage automobiles.

Learning Curves

Learning Curves

Auto writer Steve Siler gets schooled in the 600-horsepower M5 at the BMW Performance Center in Thermal.

Steve Siler Current PSL, Shopping

The BMW Performance Driving School at the Thermal Club, is no ordinary driver. And our Marina Bay Blue 2018 BMW M5 is no ordinary car.

BMW 2018 M5 Test Drive

Meet the Charismatic 2018 M5

Few other cars this writer has driven could take such a beating around a racetrack and then drive home, coddling its occupants like a proper luxury car.

Steve Siler Current Digital, Shopping

The 2018 BMW M5 can take a beating around a racetrack and then drive home, coddling its occupants like a proper luxury car.


Along Sped a Spider

McLaren says its mid-engine 570S Spider is not a supercar. Coulda fooled us.

Steve Siler Current PSL, Shopping

Roar up to any restaurant, country club, or shopping center in a McLaren 570S Spider, and slack-jawed bystanders will instantly understand what it’s all about.


The Thousand-Year-Old Automobile

Japanese tradition and craftsmanship add more to the fifth-generation Lexus LS than mere luxury — they add soul.

Steve Siler Shopping

The Lexus LS for 2018 showcases elegance, refinement, and character like no other car on the market thanks to exquisite handmade components.


A Proper Midsized Brit

After all, you’re not a peer on a transcontinental drive to Zanzibar.

Steve Siler Shopping

Land Rover’s Range Rover is an incredible machine. It can wade through hip-high water, clamber through muddy trails, surf atop sand dunes, and claw over boulders.


Sweet Sixty-Five

The car once called “America’s Sweetheart” is a bona fide badass.

Steve Siler Shopping

CAR CULTURE When people turn 65, some celebrate retirement. But with the Corvette turning 65 in 2018, retirement appears to be the last thing on Chevrolet’s mind. The Corvette remains the crown jewel of the Chevrolet performance-car lineup, and to mark the anniversary, GM’s bow-tie brand is building 650 “Carbon 65 Edition” Corvette coupes and convertibles in 455-horsepower Grand Sport