The Case for Country Clubs

With golf’s appeal receding, America’s diversity growing, and millennials’ tastes changing, are country clubs still relevant? The smart money is betting yes

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The country club, that kissing cousin of the city club, has long held a firm grip on America’s imagination.

Chi Chi Chic!

The Valley’s most famous nightclub was a pioneer of its kind in the desert.

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Known today as much for its painted-on-velvet “mascot” of a Polynesian woman by Edgar Leeteg as for anything specific, the Chi Chi Club was nevertheless a vibrant part of Palm Springs’ nightlife for nearly 25 years,

Directed by Art

For more than 30 years, artists held center stage at Playboy under the brilliant guidance of Art Paul.

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Now age 90, former Playboy art director Art Paul is ready to direct our attention to his own intriguing works — at Coda Gallery in Palm Desert this month.

A Healthy Restoration

A Donald Wexler financial building from the 1970s has a new life as the new Eisenhower Health Center at South Palm Canyon

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A midcentury structure is reimagined, remaining true to the architect’s early vision and incorporating period-appropriate art.

King of Cool

Filmmaker John Waters brings his comedic Christmas insights - anything but Ho Ho Ho Hum - to the McCallum stage

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John Waters, who appears Dec. 2 at McCallum Theatre, tackles in both his films and plays the fight against the tyranny of good taste crashing down on people.

Maximum Minimalism

The Palm Springs Art Museum propels modernism to the forefront with its new Architecture and Design Center, Edwards Harris Pavilion.

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The design motif of midcentury modern and the buildings created here in that aesthetic are now the subject of best-selling coffee-table books, entries in national architectural registers, and the focus of the annual 10-day celebration called “Modernism Week.”