The High Price of Success

A reliance by banks on “ultrasafe” loans when “safe” would do has caused an unwelcome deceleration in the real estate market

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A year ago it took 74 days to sell the median home in the Coachella Valey. That number is creeping closer to 90 days this year, which may put pressure on homeowners to reduce their asking price.

A Fine Line

As home prices and inventory rise, declining 
affordability takes its toll on sales

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Inventory is rising with the prices of homes, affecting affordability and ultimately sales. Tight (and unnecessary) lending standards of the banks also affect sales, although Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been working hard to counteract and change this.

It’s Time to Lower The Score

Tough FICO lending requirements are disqualifying large numbers of potential home buyers and slowing the housing recovery

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For sales to increase, we need the number of qualifying home buyers to grow. Growth in home buyers at this point depends on banks loosening their credit standards.

The Road to Recovery

New lending rules and lingering foreclosure effects present ongoing challenges in the Coachella Valley housing market

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The Coachella Valley real estate market might seem like it has effectively recovered from the severe crisis of a few years ago. However, when we look at more than home prices, we find the situation is less than ideal.

On an Even Keel

Home prices stabilize across the valley as sales slow slightly

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For the second consecutive month, the median price per square foot for the entire Coachella Valley declined 2.2 percent in July from $175 to $171.