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All-Over Goodness

Let those active skincare ingredients benefit your entire body.

Wendy Duren Current PSL, Health & Wellness

I would prefer the beauty business invest more time and effort in something I’m clamoring for and we could all use: body products with active skincare ingredients.


About Face

These tips for your foundation, blush, and eyes will bring out the younger you.

Wendy Duren Current PSL, Health & Wellness

Makeup can’t stop the inevitabilities or replace them once they’re gone, but the right products used in the right way can lessen the loss.


French Kiss

Your winter skin could use 
a Sisley-Paris spa treatment, 
n’est-ce pas?

Wendy Duren Health & Wellness

Sisley-Paris, the luxury skin care brand from France, has expanded from the manufacture of high-quality botanical products into dedicated, immersive spas and boutiques.


Lab Lips

Makeup maven Pat McGrath makes a splash at Sephora.

Wendy Duren Health & Wellness

Now comes the Pat McGrath Labs permanent collection, available at Sephora and, which makes you look like you’re about to hit the catwalk.


The Eyes Have It

Chasing the dream of the ultimate cream.

Wendy Duren Health & Wellness

There’s a good chance the first one you try won’t be the best eye cream for you. But the perfect eye cream for you is out there. Now, open your eyes and start looking.

top beauty holiday gifts


Go on, it’s the holidays. Live a little.

Wendy Duren Health & Wellness

All year, as I test and try out various beauty agents, I categorize products. My favorites are the items deemed Worth the Splurge: Top Beauty Holiday Gifts.