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The Right Tool 
for the Job

You can’t build a house with a corkscrew and a banana. 
And you can’t craft a look with a whisk broom.

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Find all of your sponge tip applicators and tiny brushes — you know, the ones included with your compacts— and throw them in the trash.

American Beauty

These beauty products are a girl’s best friends. Really.

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Of all the makeup, hair care, skin care, and beauty tools I tested and tried in 2015, there were a lot I didn’t care for. But then there were the precious few with which I fell in love.

Beauty for the Beast

Listen up, guys! there is nothing masculine or attractive about letting your skin resemble a batting practice baseball by the time you’ve reached 40

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Skin has needs, and men have the same responsibility to seek skin care products to help care for your body.