Welcome Cerny “Babies” Unveiling, June 5, 2018

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Following the popular installation of Isabelle by Julian Voss-Andreae in May, the next collaboration between Hohmann Fine Art and Grit Development brought a world class caliber art installation to downtown Palm Springs, the "Babies," by internationally renowned Czech artist David Cerný.

Cerny agreed to lend one of his most famous installations to developer Michael Braun of Grit Development, which is involved in the building of a new downtown development.

“People will either love them or hate them,” said Christian Hohmann at the June 5 unveiling event atop the Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs, which looks down upon the art installation facing toward the Palm Springs Art Museum. “Cerný is known to stir controversy and his installations are never mediocre.

Cerný has 14 installations in public spaces that have become major public attractions. In 2001, he created a non-profit cultural art and event center in a former 1920’s glass warehouse in Prague, which he named the “Meet Factory”.

Cerný calls his factory a “multicultural supermarket”, as it houses a theatre, music stage, and 16 studios occupied by a total of 30 international artists.

Hohmann Fine Art, the gallery who represents the artist, has created the website,, with more information about the installation.

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