best holiday gifts

Red Alert

Roses are red, rubies are too. Looking at price tags will ruin Christmas for you.

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best holiday gifts
In 1994, American artist Jeff Koons created Balloon Dog in five unique colors. The Orange Balloon Dog sold at a record price for a living sculptor. Jeff Koons Poodle Bank, $75. Just Fabulous, Palm Springs.

Photographs by

Fredrik Brodén

The most valuable ruby in the world is the Sunrise Ruby, a 25.59-caret Burmese "Pigeon Blood" Ruby mounted by Cartier that sold at a Sotheby's auction in Geneva in 2015 for $30.4 million. Necklace with 40 carats of rubies and more than 11 carats of diamonds, price upon request, Leeds & Son Fine Jewelers, 
Palm Desert.

Styled by Tom Brown

& Neil Cohen


During the 16th century, royality often added high heels to their shoes to make them appear more stately and regal in front of their subjects. Thus, a person with wealth, position, and power was considered to be "well-heeled." Gianvito Rossi Portofino Suede ankle-strap sandal, $815, Saks Fifth Avenue, Palm Desert.

Karl Eisener's Victorinox Company was the first to supply multitool knives to the Swiss Army, though in 1893 a competing knife from Wenger appeared. The Swiss government wisely split the contract between the two companies and thereafter the Victorinox knife was known as "the original Swiss Army knife" and Wenger's knives used the slogan "the genuine Swiss Army knife." Victorinox Evolution S17 swiss army knife, $45.75,


Created by Fleur Cowles 
in 1950, Flair Magazine was the most influential magazine 
of its day, considered by 
many to have been the first magazine whose content qualified it as art. The Best of Flair, $125, Just Fabulous, Palm Springs.


Liquorice (English), 
or licorice (American English), 
is a root of the herbaceous 
plant Glycyrrhiza Glabra, native to Southern Europe and Asia. What many people think 
of as licorice flavor 
(a natural sweetener) is actually anise with which it 
is often combined. Twizzlers, $2.99, Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop, Palm Springs.

Ferdinand “Butzi” Porsche founded his automobile consulting company in Stuttgart in 1931. Their first commission came from the German government asking them to create a “People’s car”. They created the Volkswagen in 1939. The first Porsche was created by Ferdinand's son, Ferry, following World War II, and was built in a sawmill in Gmünd, Austria. 2017 Porsche Targa 4S, $179,800, Indigo Auto group, Rancho Mirage.


LEGO was created by Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1949 when he developed interlocking bricks. This year, LEGO was recognized as
the most powerful brand in the world. LEGO Classic Red Creativity box, $4.99,

Seletti was founded in Italy as a furniture importer, but evolved its focus to young Italian furniture designers. In 2014, the company created a housewares line based on photos from image-driven magazine Toiletpaper. The collection includes images such as severed fingers, a toad sandwich, a toilet plunger, and a human heart. Pantone Chair by Seletti, $90,5001 Home Collection, Palm Springs.


The sweatshirt began life in the 1920s as cotton athletic apparel that absorbed and induced sweat. It was transformed in the 1960s when universities started printing their logs on the shirts and then transformed again in the `80s when it was adopted by early hip-hop culture. LinGua Franca Cashmere Sweater, $360, Saks Fifth Avenue, Palm Desert.

The house of Chanel was established in a ground-floor shop that Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel leased from socialite Etienne Balsan; she was his mistress. Her business expanded considerably when she became the mistress of one her lover’s English friends, who recognized her superior business acumen. Chanel Le Vernis Red Nail Polish, $28, Saks Fifth Avenue, Palm Desert.


“You can’t ride in my little red wagon/
The front seat’s broken and the axle’s draggin’/
You can’t step to this backyard swagger/
You know it ain’t my fault when I’m 
walkin’ jaws droppin’.”
— Audra Mae

Italian immigrant Antonio Pasin founded Radio Flyer in 1917 with the goal of bringing joy “to every boy and girl.” The classic Radio Flyer Red Wagon celebrates its 80th birthday this year. 34-inch red steel wagon, $110,