The Best Juices in the Desert

These handcrafted fruit and veggie-based juices are a gateway to optimal health and energy.

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While I’ve dabbled in Tang in my early years — before moving onto Capri Sun and then Ocean Spray (in my party days) — I finally graduated to the big leagues: fresh, handcrafted juice. Increased energy, glowing skin, and improved mental clarity are just some of the benefits of drinking fresh juice. I’ve scoured the desert to find the best juices based on health benefits, quality, and taste — enjoying every sip in my research

Organic Fresh Pressed Pomegranate Juice

Nature’s Health Food & Cafe, Palm Springs

One of my favorite juices to drink au natural, not mixed with any other juices, is pomegranate. There’s just something about that strong, slightly bitter taste and blood red appearance that makes me think I’m drinking a fine red wine but without the hangover. The Organic Fresh Pressed Pomegranate Juice is made from pomegranate trees that are over 100 years old. “The fruit is amazing. We don’t do anything to it, just press it. We don’t add anything to it,” says owner William De La Campa. “It’s delicious and full of nutrients and antioxidants, phytonutrients, and so much more.”

The PHix Juice

Fresh Juice Bar (Rancho Mirage/La Quinta/Palm Desert/Palm Springs)

What I love about Fresh Juice Bar is I can find them in multiple neighborhoods in the Coachella Valley. The PHix juice is a high alkaline organic juice made with a pleasing-to-the-palate blend of chard, lemon, pear, celery, cucumber, parsley and ginger. Drinking the PHix juice as part of an alkaline diet has extraordinary benefits including helping to lower chronic pain and inflammation, lowering the risk of stroke and hypertension, protecting bone density and muscle mass, and helping to boost vitamin absorption while preventing magnesium deficiency, according to owner Marcie Madain.



The PHix juice is a high alkaline organic juice made with a pleasing-to-the-palate blend of chard, lemon, pear, celery, cucumber, parsley and ginger.

Over the Rainbow

Persimmon Bistro, Palm Springs

This charming bistro tucked inside the Palm Springs Art Museum by the folks who brought you Frankinbun has a juice menu that is both creative and good for you. Over the Rainbow is a “there’s no place like home … made” detox juice made with fresh, slow pressed carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, limes, bell peppers, beets, apples, and oranges. Beets have a wide array of health benefits that I love: it purifies the blood, helps boosts immunity, and contains manganese, which is good for your bones, liver, and kidneys. The Green Machine is also a tasty choice — a green juice made with apples, celery, cucumber, spinach, and lemon.



Pineapple Celery Juice

Serrano’s Juice Bar & Grill, Indio

My current juice obsession is celery juice. Seriously, the benefits of celery are amazing! Drinking freshly juiced celery to start your day can help reduce the risk of cancer, lower cholesterol, and control blood pressure. It’s also an anti-inflammatory. The Pineapple Celery Juice provides a sweeter version, which also boosts the immune system with the bromelain found in pineapple. Cilantro is also added to the juice to help detox your body from heavy metals. This three-ingredient juice is so refreshing and tastes great. You can feel it working, doing its thing, and getting you all healthy.



Waking up to a glass of celery juice aids in weight loss, repairs cellular damage, and can help prevent cancer.



Juice Flight

Wildest Greens, Palm Desert

My love for wine tasting crosses over into my love of juicing at Wildest Greens. You can order a complete flight (six tall shot glasses for just $10) of different fresh, raw cold-pressed juices depending on their daily offerings. Some of the juices include the Green Monster, Big Farma, Get Well Shot, and the Liver Cleanse. One of the juice shots is always a Kombucha of the day on tap. Wildest Greens’ juices are organic AF (Always Fresh) and include a tasty blend of fruits and health benefits to promote good health and well-being. I love the Virgin Mary shot, a low sugar juice made with tomato, celery, beet, carrot, lime, onion, sea salt, and grated horseradish. A unique and healthy twist on everyone’s favorite brunch cocktail.


Raw Remedy Juice Bar, Palm Springs

Raw Remedy Juice Bar has a blockbuster menu of healthy, organic food and drink items to peruse. Their juice menu has something for every palate, even the pickiest of juice drinkers. The Citrusade is made with mixed local citrus, grapefruit, pineapple, ginger, and bee pollen. Bee pollen has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties, reducing inflammation, lowering cholesterol levels, and stimulating the immune system. “Pollen is good for when allergy season starts,” manager Nicolas Valdez says. “Taking in the local pollen, getting it in your system so your allergies aren’t going to be all crazy when the season starts because you already have it in your system.” Another popular juice that can help with ailments is the Coachella Hangover (aptly named for what ails you).



The Organic CBD Antidope Juice Elixir Shot

Luscious Lorraines, Palm Desert

I’m not a big grapefruit girl, but the health benefits are too marvelous to ignore; grapefruit boosts metabolism, strengthens the immune system, and helps to reduce stress. The CBD Antidope Juice Elixir Shot has an added perk: CBD oil. CBD oil (a cannabinoid identified in cannabis) in its raw form is for medicinal purposes and does not get you high. It’s an anti-inflammatory, helps to reduce anxiety, and can help relieve nausea. The shot is more like a full size juice at 12 ounces and includes CBD, flax oil, grapefruit, and orange. It’s refreshing and gives the drinker a pleasant, balanced, calming effect. I truly love this juice and its benefits. It might have made me more accepting of grapefruits in my life.