sixth street coffee coachella

Best of the Best 2021: Coffeehouse

Owner Steven Garcia doesn’t take it for granted that Sixth Street Coffee in Coachella has become a destination in 2 years since opening.

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sixth street coffee coachella


Steven Garcia doesn’t take it for granted that the coffee shop he opened in 2019 has become a destination. “It’s cool to be one of the main attractions that draws people into the city of Coachella,” says Garcia. “People come from surrounding cities to visit this really good coffee shop that they’ve heard about. They come down to Sixth Street, they see how beautiful it is, and they ask themselves, ‘Why have I never been down here? It’s so pretty.’”


Many customers return to Sixth Street often once they try the coffee shop’s cold brew, espresso, and tea. The lattes receive the most love, a fact Garcia credits to the creative syrups made in-house. “The horchata latte is our most popular drink,” he says. “We do the steeping of the rice and the cinnamon sticks, blending it and adding the sweeteners.”

Other Mexican-inspired drinks include mazapan, a rich flavor based on the beloved peanut candy, and honey con canela, or cinnamon. The team is always developing new treats. “We all go through a taste test,” Garcia says of the process. “I ask, ‘Can we make any changes to this?’ We like to get crafty.”

Customer input matters, too. The shop’s lemonade menu takes inspiration from guest requests. When the freshly squeezed sip made its first appearance, spicy lemonade was the only variation on the classic. Then, customers started asking for additions like lavender syrup or green tea. Now, Sixth Street Coffee slings everything from strawberry lemonade to a caffeinated cold brew version.

Popular demand also led Garcia to make their formerly weekend-only brunch a daily affair. In addition to toasts and salads, the shop offers a killer bagel with lox. “I was eating one of those every weekend,” Garcia admits with a laugh. “It was starting to show.”


There’s one thing they can’t keep in stock all week long: their popular vegan conchas. As part of his plan to transform Sixth Street into a destination spot, Garcia reached out to a friend to request a take on the Mexican sweet bread that would cater to plant-based visitors. If that sounds unmissable, make sure to stop by on a Saturday morning — the pastries are delivered on Friday and fly off the shelves by Sunday afternoon.

Next on the agenda for Sixth Street Coffee? Roasting their own joe. “We want to be the first coffee roaster in the city of Coachella,” Garcia notes. “So the people of Coachella can say, ‘Hey, this coffee was roasted by the guys down the street. This coffee is super delicious, and it’s in my neck of the woods.’ We want to give them that.”

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