Best Picks from Modern Living Expo

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The Prefab Showcase and Modern Living Expo help close out Modernism Week this weekend. Each will be open Saturday and Sunday (Feb. 23-24) from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Right next door will be the Vintage Trailer Show.

Here are a few items I picked out at the Expo that may not set the world on fire, but I like that it makes you think outside the box. Modernism thrives on that concept.

Let me know what struck your fancy there. Post a comment here, on our Facebook page or post a photo of your favorite item at the Modern Living Expo.


Herman Miller Collections
One of the most unique products on display at the Modern Living Expo is this Spun Chair. From the Herman Miller Collection, the descriptor doesn’t shy away from the comparison of a spinning top. Comfortable? I honestly didn’t sit in it, but I wondered about balance and a sense of security. It’s made to rock and spin, able to rotate a full 360 degrees.





Brandon Morrison delivers visually compelling handmade furniture and lighting. This piece caught my eye because of its multiple layers and the filament light bulbs. Each side of the “Cube” is different. And I have immense respect for people who can make things like this with their own hands.






Potted for Outdoor Living
I loved the clean look, and the concept of plants growing as part of a wall decoration. It’s just a nice presentation. There were plenty of other offerings, including hanging circle pots, a plant space craft for your moon plants and some interesting garden sculptures that look like those bell balls you have a cat chase, only much larger.






Les Jardins – Shade Line
I liked this arrangement, but what attracted my attention was the Shade Line hanging over the chaise lounge. I liked the ability to pull the shade to protect a specific part of the body whether it’s your face or neck. I also liked this ensemble, and the tall back piece is from Dedon. It actually disassembles into four chairs and a table. How compact is that.






Taylor Donsker Design
I liked the sleek design of these desk lamps. Sturdy, dependable and the LED light is so much better for the eyes. Taylor Donsker also made the table the lamps are sitting on. The photo doesn’t do justice, but look at his website and you’ll see wood slab furniture among his offerings.





Bellus Lux
Colors done attractively always make me stop and look. Designer Margaret Joplin works in a variety of steel and glass treatments. Just as in the lead-off picture to this article, Joplin uses the same type of treatment for landscape lighting or sculpture that can be illuminated with an array of LED lights.

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