For Evan Trubee, a life long passion in cycling could not be self contained, it had to be shared.

In his last year of college, as Trubee planned a cross country cycling trip, an idea came to him. He wondered why he couldn’t be the organizer instead of participant of a such a tour?

This big idea moment sparked a 20-year business venture in outdoor guided tours.

Originally, Big Wheel Tours in Palm Desert offered Bike Tours of the Coachella Valley. Over time, as company interests and hired tour guides knowledge and expertise in outdoor activities grew, the company expanded to include hiking and jeep tours. As Trubee shares, “Boy, did our business thrive once we added the additional tours – it helped us gain a stolid reputation as the leading outdoor adventure company in the valley.”

Big Wheel Tours, 74850 42nd Ave., Palm Desert, 760-779-1837;


VIDEO: Take a Big Wheels Tour with owner Evan Trubee.



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Even the desert offers up it’s share of Mistletoe, perched high above, nestled amongst these branches, waiting for it’s next kissing opportunity.


Over millions of years a thick layer of dark mineral varnish forms over the bed rock.


A Mecca Landmark, travelers can stock up on refreshing drinks, snacks or some marinated carne asada to go.


Giant Boulders offer a dramatic backdrop to the canyon floor, while Slotted Canyons offer shaded relief to desert hikers.


No Big Wheel Tour would be complete without a stop at the Oasis Date Garden in Thermal. They serve up the tastiest date shakes made from their fresh Medjool Dates.


These mountains translate in Spanish to mean “full of gold.” The mountain’s quartz deposits are what miners would look for in their search for gold and silver.


Alluvium deposits of sand, rock and mud washed down from millions of years. Slick and Slide Rock formations are formed when cracks form in the Alluvium during a violent earthquake and it rubs so hard that it glazes over the rock.


Grand Smoke Trees line the entrance to the Painted Canyon Nature Preserve. These Smoke trees offer subtle shifts in color throughout different times of the day.