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Flamingo youngsters add to Marriott’s blossoming brood

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Soft gray bundles of baby love bring smiles and a warm, cuddly vibe to JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa. A Chilean flamingo hatchling arrived in early September and more are expected. In contrast to their pink parents, baby flamingos are born with a gray hue to their feathers. More than 30 (and counting) pink flamingos call the resort home. Offering more than 450 acres of lush grounds and lakes, Desert Springs features a veritable zoo of winged wildlife that includes swans, six species of duck, ranging from ringed neck teals to black billed whistlers, and 10 people-friendly exotics: Gus, Dundee, Elliott, Cricket, Joey, Popeye, Lola, Zippo, Marlie, and Triton. And a community of koi, comet, large-mouth bass, and channel cat fish swim contentedly below the surface of the ample water on property.

All animals at JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa receive personal and individualized attention from full-time Animal Care Specialist Linda Whittington, whose sole responsibility is to ensure the good health and well being of every creature. As a result of the personal and loving care that they receive, most of the exotic birds are extroverts — greeting visitors with welcoming coos and caws. But when it comes to the cuteness factor, it’s hard to beat out a baby flamingo!

JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa

74855 Country Club Dr., Palm Desert.

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