bubble hotels joshua tree

Bubble Time

After a successful crowd-funding campaign, Bubble Hotels plans to pop open its first location in Joshua Tree this summer. 
Here are five ways the socially distant property is different 
from other accommodations.

Molly O'Brien Current Guide, Hotels & Resorts

bubble hotels joshua tree


It’s inside out.

The 20-acre property, designed by architect Chris Alley, boasts 10 open-air decks with queen beds inside clear, temperature-controlled bubbles, alongside all the amenities you’d expect from a glamping experience. “There’s a hammock, hot tub, lounge area, private bathroom and shower,” explains Bubble Hotels founder Nathan Resnick.

The sky’s the limit.

Because of Bubble Hotels’ location five minutes from Joshua Tree National Park, it’s a prime spot for nature photography and the spiritual discovery that draws many visitors to the area. “During their visit, guests can look forward to yoga, meditation, and the natural experiences of this area,” Resnick says. “There’ll also be waking up to the sunrise over the High Desert and getting to see the stars unobstructed.”

The bubbles are eco-friendly.

The clear, 9-foot-tall domes are made from environmentally safe, recyclable, and waterproof material. “We don’t have any big impact on the land itself,” Resnick says. “Nothing we do is permanent. As an environmentalist, I don’t want to add anything that would have a lasting impact on the land or the area. It’s beautiful just as it is.”

The property is intimate, not isolated.

Bubble Hotels is far enough away from downtown Joshua Tree that it feels secluded, but it’s close enough to town and the national park that visitors won’t feel freaked out. “People want to experience the outdoors and visit national parks but don’t always feel comfortable camping on the ground,” says Resnick. “The hope is this enables people to experience our national and state parks and be comfortable doing so.”

Community is key.

Resnick acknowledges that besides preserving the land, working with Joshua Tree’s local residents is a top prioriy for Bubble Hotels. “We’re not a huge corporation,” says Resnick, an entrepreneur who raised over $780,000 on Indiegogo to build the venue. “The community of Joshua Tree has so many creative minds and talented artists [who’ve] reached out to host art shows and music events.” https://www.instagram.com/bubble_hotels/?hl=en


Each deck is equipped with its own private bathroom, hot tub, hammock, and loungers.