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Buddy Carr’s Palm Springs

This lifelong skateboarder, product designer, triathlete and Italian scooter rider captures strong, shareable photography whenever he’s in Palm Springs.

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buddy carr photography

The Royal Hawaiian Estates. 

I’m first and foremost a skateboarder, and that has led me to all my other passions, be it photography or design. I was a pro skateboarder who worked in the industry for 25 years. As a sponsored athlete, I had products made with my name on it. It all started as a kid in North County Diego. In the summer,  we would go to Palm Springs to skate in all the empty pools. If the residents were there, we asked permission. But most were gone — and we never left trash or graffiti.

We went all over the desert, skating in those pools built in the 1960s, which stared my fascination with midcentury architecture. Now that I’m older, I appreciate it even more. When I visit, I cruise through the neighborhoods with my smart phone. As complicated as life has become, I try to bring happiness by posting my photos (on Instagram @buddycarr).

Royal Hawaiian Estates

I was on a walk one early afternoon at the Royal Hawaiian Estates and noticed my shirt was in sync with the beautiful Polynesian breeze block. It was too good to miss, so I set up the shot and asked my more-than-patient wife to snap the picture as I walked past the palm. Side note: This was around Halloween. If you look closely, you’ll see a skeleton keeping an eye on me!


If there was one car that embodied Palm Springs, it would be the Studebaker Avanti. Designed in 1961 in Palm Springs by resident Raymond Loewy, the Avanti seems right at home in the desert. With so few very cars built, several have found their way back to their Palm Springs birthplace, some 50 years later. On this particular day, I spotted two, both being gold, which seemed appropriate.

Caliente Tropics

I’m a sucker for all things Tiki, so Caliente Tropics is a must-stop on my Palm Springs agenda. I happened upon this picture as the sun was setting.

Hollywood Regency

Modernism Week always brings out the best of the best, and this day was no exception. This perfectly parked Chrysler Imperial and house combination couldn’t have been any better. I met the owners, toured the house, and got the picture to prove it. Pure Palm Springs magic.

The Cole Hotel

Having just picked up a beautiful sofa from a local dealer, we were headed out of town and boom! I saw this 1968 Camaro. People often ask if I set up photo shoots and surprisingly I never have. Palm Springs just magically provides.


Something about the colors, the angle of the building, and the use of local stone caught my eye. I quickly pulled over, took a few shots, and came away with this image.

City Hall

For several months, I had wanted to drive by Palm Springs City Hall,  as it sits slightly off the beaten path. Finally, I made it there and captured this image by laying down in the dirt with all the plants and the ants. I tried to frame it like it was a cover of a magazine and was so pleased with the end result.