Budweiser Clydesdales Make Stop at Stagecoach Music Festival

Plan three-day stopover in Indio

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To celebrate their 81st anniversary with Anheuser-Busch this year, the Clydesdale will appear at multiple community events, April 25-27, in Indio.

The hitch team and red wagon will begin with an appearance at the Eldorado 1 RV Camping area from 3-5 p.m. April 25 at the Eldorado Polo Club in Indio.

The Clydesdales will spend the next two days at Stagecoach Music Festival from 3-5 p.m. April 26 and 27 near the main entrance off Avenue 51 in Indio.

To qualify for one of the traveling hitches, a Budwesier Clydesdale must be a gelding at least four years old, stand 72 inches at the shoulder when fully mature, weight between 1,800 and 2,300 pounds, have a bay coat, four white legs, a white blaze, and a black mane and tail.

Each hitch horse will consume as much as 20 to 25 quarts of whole grain, minerals and vitamins, 50 to 60 pounds of hay, and 30 gallons of water per day.

Ten horses, the famous red, white and gold beer wagon and other essential equipment are transported in three 50-foot tractor trailers. Cameras mounted in the trailers are connected to monitors in the cabs that enable the drivers to keep an eye on the horses during transport. Air-cushioned suspension and thick rubber flooring in the trailers ease the rigors of travel.

Each harness and collar weighs approximately 130 pounds. The harness is handcrafted with solid brass, patent leather, and stitched with pure linen thread. The harness is made to fit any Clydesdale. However, collars come in various sizes and much be individually fittted to the horse.

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