Bumper To Bumper; Cars, Art And Guests At Colin Fisher Studios – Mar. 6, 2015

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It was rather funny when you think about it. The most recent art show featured at Colin Fisher Studios is titled “Made in America,” and yet the parking lot was mostly filled with European imports. Gallery proprietor Colin Fisher hosted an elegant catered cocktail party to launch a month long art exhibition featuring work by Paulden Evans and Carole Hicks, both California artists.

While the crowd clearly drove imports, the art they viewed was created and unique to America. Guests recognized great art when they saw it. Once in the door, the news must have spread across the wires, because what was hundreds of art patrons, collectors and those in the know, mingled for several hours enjoying fine wines and mixed drinks complemented by creations from LuLu’s Bistro.

Artist Carole Hicks, a native of Palm Springs, was a little overwhelmed, but deservingly so, as this was her first gallery show. Yet those who couldn’t help but notice, also couldn’t help but think it appeared she’d won an Oscar, as one flower arrangement after another arrived at the gallery from morning until night. Clearly she was on center stage. She was so moved by the recognition from friends, family and admirers that her husband Jim had to rescue her. And off they went home to relax after all of the excitement.

The art reviews are two thumbs up.

Artist Paulden Evans, who spent every day from the past three months creating a new body of work shown during this show, was also overwhelmed by the fans who stood nearly as tall and deep as the nine foot tall sculptures he created arched across the gallery floor. His admirers included his sister and brother-in-law Dana and Joe Poppier, actor and closest friend William Devane, and art collector Rod Lubeznik who had planned earlier in the day to attend the New York Arts show until he was snowed out. Lubeznik has collected several of Paulden’s paintings which are placed around his home’s pool area.

Others who enjoyed the art at “Made In America” included Phyliss Eisenberg, Simone Herman, Paul Bellardo, Tom Parker, Kenton O’Donnell, Miriam Semic, Gary and Victoria Peters, Jane Celehar, Marjra Greenfield, Brian and Karen Bergstrom, Andy and Diane Jessup, Carlos King, Rabbi Julian King, Helen Varon, Lee Balan, Peggy Vermeer, Sydney Williams, John Combs, Jim Ardery, Gary Hawley, Will Dean, Sandra Elkins, Karen Greenbaum, Christopher Shoemaker, Barbara and Bernie Fromm, Joan Olson, Don Olson, Liz Gray, Kevin and Terre Rubow, Timmy Woods, Pam Price, Sheri Okun, Diane Swella, Kim Hicks, Patricia Hicks, Gale, Trine and Zoe Ostergaard, Bart and Sharon Apfelbaum, Jim Ardery, John Combs, Gary Hawley, Sheldon Harte, Alan Frieman, Michael Armijo, Kay and Jack Stone, Lynda Bernstein, Dr. Allan Metzger, Marsha Young, Susan Lake, Alex Irvine, Carol and Ray Hollahan, Jeff Ragatz, Jenny Ragatz, Michael Grabish, Bill Elsbury, Nancy Lindsay, Grank Linsky, Goergia and Jerry Fogelson, Mary Lou Feenstra, Valerie Schechter, Sally Benson, Mary Lou Feenstra, Jonathan Lorenzo Yorba, Biba and Peter Roesch, among others.

“Made in America” will remain on view seven days a week at Colin Fisher Studios until March 27, 2015.

Colin Fisher Studios
68929 Perez Road, Suite M, Cathedral City, CA 92234

Photography by Gregg Felsen

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