buster and punch

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London’s favorite motorcycle designer introduces hard-wearing hardware to the U.S.

Lisa Marie Hart Current Digital, Home & Design, Real Estate

buster and punch
On these chalky back cupboards, Buster + Punch furniture knobs and pull bars in smoked bronze blend into the oversize doors.

Maybe a new set of pulls, bars, or knobs for your kitchen cabinets doesn’t sound particularly sexy. Fans of Buster + Punch would beg to differ.

Since 2013, the company has commanded attention as a British lifestyle brand equipped to outfit your home, your person, and even your next set of wheels for a weekend pleasure cruise. Their industrial-chic hardware, available in four finishes, marches to the same edgy tune as their collections of lighting, 
furniture, home accessories, jewelry, and 
limited-edition motorcycles.

As the story goes, it all started in a garage. Founder Massimo Buster Minale fostered a fashionable following by designing custom motorcycles for London rock stars and celebs. The architect and industrial designer’s taste for experimentation soon drove him to employ the same machines and tools to turn out rock-solid designs for urban home interiors. The Buster + Punch home fashion label complements Minale’s passion for motorcycles, metalwork, and music while taking cues from the city’s culture and subculture scenes.

In the kitchen, Buster + Punch’s hand-
finished hardware adds a refined but street-savvy look, from brawny steel knobs with an optional backplate to a lanky 30-inch pull handle in smoked bronze. Each solid metal design has a diamond-cut knurled texture for grip contrasted by a smooth section that glints with metallic sheen. The potential this hardware accords to a kitchen facelift transfers to the bathroom, office, media room, and closets.

Customers who identify with the hardware’s aesthetic might find themselves picking up a braided leather bracelet, brass cufflinks, a naked-bulb chandelier, and a machined tray molded to accommodate two whiskey glasses all in the same transaction. A collaborative spirit has shaped the company since its inception, leading to partnership pieces that have been crafted with fashion designers, musicians, artists, and chefs along with the luxury motorcycle and car manufacturers Ducati and Rolls-Royce.

The new Los Angeles showroom marks the official Buster + Punch foray into the North American market. With pulls and knobs like these, we should be able to handle it.



Solid brass pull bars by Buster + Punch add a warm glow and feature a diamond-cut, cross knurl textured grip. In three lengths and four finishes.