cannabus express tours

Classroom on Wheels

Cannabus Express Tours introduce guests to the Coachella Valley's cannabis industry with an emphasis on educating, engagement, and entertainment.

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cannabus express tours

Lynn Daniels, owner of Cannabus Express Tours, answers questions and engages her guests during the three-hour tour.

Who said a classroom can’t be on four wheels.

Lynne Daniels proves it every time her Cannabus Express Tours hit the streets of Greater Palm Springs, expanding the knowledge base of those who don’t know the difference between CDB and THC to those who want to see the cannabis manufacturing process.

Daniels provides both in a fun and interactive way, using the luxury bus to keep the groups small, create conversation, and encourage questions without having to raise your hand. That’s why when you steer to her website, you’ll see the three E’s: Educational, Exclusive, and Entertaining.

Tour guests gain a peek into a growing room at Canndescent California in Cathedral City.
“There's a lot of tourists that we get who come into town, and cannabis is not legal where they live,” Daniels says. “They grew up and they're old school, they don't believe in it. I'm there to teach; I'm there to have my experts teach. I'm not there to tell people to take cannabis; that's their choice."

"I open up their eyes to a world that they don't know," she adds. "I think there's a lot of curious people. People that take my tour are either novice, they're newbies, they're curious, or they're thinking that they would like to transition into.”

The three-hour tour takes guests “from seed to sale” with stops at cannabis manufacturing plants, labs, dispensaries, and lounges. Daniels continually fine-tunes the tours, taking advantage of her networking with the local industry to create the same type of engaging opportunities for her Cannabus Express Tours guests to feel free to ask questions.

Daniels speaks further with Palm Springs Life about Cannabus Express Tours.

A cannabis growing room at Canndescent California.

Just to clarify, this is not a party bus where you can try cannabis products inside the vehicle?

You cannot smoke. People are doing it, people are getting away with it, but if we want to keep it in the educational genre, you cannot do it. It's illegal.

In order to legalize it in other states, you have to follow the compliances, that's why we have experts on our tours to explain these things. When you go to the dispensaries, you have a choice to buy. Then at the very end, if you want to smoke, we go to a legalized, permitted lounge.

The educational aspect of the tours extends beyond what you talk about in the bus between stops. The people running the manufacturing plants to the dispensaries are also keen on breaking down barriers and encouraging questions.

You walk into a dispensary and it's very intimidating if you've never been. It's very intimidating because there's so many choices. I feel like because we tour a lot of these brands, you see it being made, you hear about it, you're being educated about it, but then you go to a dispensary and you make the decision if you want to buy it or not. You know what you're getting.  When you go on Cannabus Express Tours, the people you encounter are there to teach you. I have a shoulder problem, there are so many choices here, how do I know which ones to buy? The bud tenders are there to pick your brain.

Tour guests examine oil extracted from cannabis plant.

What kind of process did you go through to create these tours?

I built the concept through my visits. How are we going to do this tour? How are we going to make our tour different? I've been learning, I feel like I went to college. I self learned about this industry, met all the right people that are the experts.

These people are so happy to teach. Just because you're in this industry does not mean you indulge. A lot of these people work it like a business. It could be any kind of industry, and I hate to use the comparison of the donut store, but if you work in the donut store, do you eat the donuts all the time? You go in, it's a business. They're very professional at these facilities.

When you look back, are you surprised where you are now, or did you foresee this was something you might get into?

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be doing this. I grew up in the ’70s, so we did our thing then, but I personally do not smoke because I cough. I don't like the feeling of it, but I definitely like to experiment with the edibles. I mastered the edibles to teach people because a lot of people don't want to smoke. They cough, or they don't like the smell of it or whatever.

How did your interest begin?

Because of my dog. I thought, “Wow, if this could help my dog it could help people.” It helped my mother, my husband, and my friends. I'm a believer. I thought if I could somehow give back right now, I'm in my 60s, it's something rewarding that I feel like I'm doing. I'm giving back, we're trying to help charities.

Do you think there was a point in your life, if you can look back on it, and say, this prepared me for this? Or is this a total 180 from the type of person you are, your background?

I think how I marketed it, and how I promoted it, how I was able to come up with the concept was due to my background, absolutely. I was a publicist for many years. I also used to write for newspapers. I love teaching, I love educating, I love promoting and helping people get the word out if I believe in what they have. I think my PR background and my producing background helped me to even come up with the concept of the (YouTube) television show. That was my background, so yeah it probably did prepare me. I don't know if I would be as successful or knowledgeable right now if I didn't have that background.

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