Car Buffs Will Find Like-Minded at Desert Concorso

Saichaie, Sheffler enjoy artistry, craftmanship as car collectors

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Len Saichaie and Bill Sheffler are car buffs.

And this is not taken lightly.

These dudes love their cars, the feel of the open road in their powerful autos and the beauty that their exquisite rides embody. They share a love for the artistry, craftsmanship, and mechanics that make collector cars cool. And both men’s interest in cars was born of inspiration from their Dads.

"I grew up in Connecticut and my dad’s own interest in car maintenance and cars sparked my own interest,” Sheffler says. “We would go to junk yards for repair needs and go on rallys.”

Saichaie recalls similar memories.

“I grew up in Iowa, and my father was a mechanic and planted the seed for the appreciation of autos,” he says.

Serious. Car. Guys.
Both men spend much of their time in the Coachella Valley these days and have joined the exclusive world of rare car collection.

And both men will showcase their sports luxury cars at Desert Concorso in its SoCal debut March 30 at the Shadow Mountain Resort in Palm Desert.
More than 120 registrants will showcase their world class, fast and sleek cars.

The Italian Lamborghini a la Saichaie:

  • “It’s a 2008 model in sleek black.
  • It’s a very intoxicating car.
  • Its technology is advanced.
  • Its driving capability is unmatched.
  • It’s a drivable piece of art.”



The Mercedes 300 SL a la Scheffler:

  • “It’s a1961 Roadster.
  • It’s ivory on the outside with a burgundy leather interior.
  • It was made as a grand touring car.
  • It’s known for great speed over long distance.
  • It’s not Italian, so to be in this event it better be rare and unusual.”

Desert Concorso will be a celebration of fine outdoor lifestyle and recreation and will welcome cars that are not just of Italian origin, including models from the UK and Germany.

“The 1961 Mercedes is a mechanical marvel. The first regular production auto made with fuel injection.  It’s acknowledged as one of the finest cars ever made with pure luxury, design and grace. It’s also pretty.”

Beautiful Masterpieces
Dealing with gorgeous cars, both Saichaie and Scheffler appreciate the fine line that sets automobile form and function apart.

“Some people collect art and some people collect cars,” says Saichaie. “When you combine the two…it’s not just about performance…it’s beautiful.”

Saichaie says he’s looking forward to seeing the Pagani Huayra at Desert Concorso. Scheffler says he looking forward to meeting people with like minds regarding fine cars.

And as for choosing a favorite… Scheffler just can’t do it, “That’s like trying to I.D. your favorite child.”

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