Holy Moses

At Art Palm Springs, Andy Moses celebrates the life of his late father and how their lives are connected by painting.

Steven Biller Arts & Entertainment

This month, Art Palm Springs honors Ed and Andy Moses as artists of the year, an award previously given to Lita 
Albuquerque, Larry Bell, Judy Chicago, and Mel Ramos.


Piano Talk

J. Scott Beaty has been tickling the ivory for 25 years as house pianist at the McCallum Theatre.

Emily Chavous Arts & Entertainment

J. Scott Beaty is celebrating 25 years as house pianist at the McCallum Theatre, a gig he got on the recommendation of former President Gerald Ford.


Couples Counseling

Two veterans of The Brady Bunch reunite for the new play Dinner at Five, a very un-Brady take on relationships.

Julie Pendray Arts & Entertainment

Christopher Knight and Lloyd Schwartz, who made The Brady Bunch one of the most-loved TV sitcoms of the 1970s, have reunited for Dinner at Five starting Jan. 24 in Palm Desert.


Deck the Walls

Celebrity photographer Michael Childers "Flaming Creatures" appears with portraits of Andy Warhol and members of his famous New York studio.

Emily Chavous Arts & Entertainment

The series, “Flaming Creatures”, appears alongside portraits Michael Childers captured at the Andy Warhol Factory studio in New York City as well as Warhol’s residence in Paris.


Full House

A strong turnout for the Palm Springs International Film Festival’s closing night reflects its two-week run.

Susan Stein Arts & Entertainment

A packed house gave a proper send-off to the Palm Springs International Film Festival’s closing-night screening of The Last Movie Star at Palm Springs High School’s Richards Center for the Arts.



Sam Rockwell is the greatest actor you’ve never noticed.

Lisa Rosen Arts & Entertainment

The dedication by Sam Rockwell is apparent in every role, but that may be all they have in common. Looking over his filmography, from Iron Man to Frost/Nixon, no throughline emerges.


Original BFFs

Barbara Sinatra and Nelda Linsk were the It Girls of Palm Springs’ Golden Age.

David Lansing Arts & Entertainment

Homey little bits and glimpses are the kind of things only a close friend would know. For Barbara Sinatra, that friend was Nelda Linsk, who met then Barbara Marx in the fall of 1965.