Sam Rockwell is the greatest actor you’ve never noticed.

Lisa Rosen Arts & Entertainment

The dedication by Sam Rockwell is apparent in every role, but that may be all they have in common. Looking over his filmography, from Iron Man to Frost/Nixon, no throughline emerges.


Original BFFs

Barbara Sinatra and Nelda Linsk were the It Girls of Palm Springs’ Golden Age.

David Lansing Arts & Entertainment

Homey little bits and glimpses are the kind of things only a close friend would know. For Barbara Sinatra, that friend was Nelda Linsk, who met then Barbara Marx in the fall of 1965.


A Legend in Front of the Camera and Behind the Wheel

James Dean’s close friend, Lew Bracker, relives momentous events of 1955.

Janice Kleinschmidt. Arts & Entertainment

James Dean raced in Palm Springs, Bakersfield, and Santa Barbara from March through May 1955, until Warner Bros. prohibited its rising star from further stints behind the wheel.


Mankiller Documentary Adds to “Me Too” Discussion

As the global focus on women’s rights continues to surge, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd’s powerful film on Cherokee Nation maven Wilma Mankiller arrives at just the right time.

GREG ARCHER Arts & Entertainment

Mankiller, a captivating documentary from executive producer Gale Anne Hurd set to screen at the Palm Springs Film Festival, couldn’t be more timely against the backdrop of the “Me Too” movement.

palm springs festivals

Culture Club

Whether you’re into film, literature, fine art, 
or just getting out of the house, a trio of 
festivities ensures an agenda full of edification.

Janice Kleinshmidt Arts & Entertainment

In January, Greater Palm Springs Festivals bring exceptional films, literature, and artworks center stage to give locals and visitors a chance to experience a winter wonderland of culture.